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The Smurfs You Need Small Cities to Visit on the world

The Smurfs You Need Small Cities to Visit on the world



It is planning to travel to a remote location, but do you run away from a big city? In this article we will talk about some small but very beautiful city are breathtaking.

travel to the monotony of our daily lives is the best idea to bring a change to your busy schedule. Travelling us feel like reborn. Whether you are traveling alone or with a lot of fun.

Needless to say the reason for sure! If you see all the famous cities in the world and you should read our article if you want to see new places. Do not see all the famous cities in the world, you may want to travel to lesser known places rather than big bustling cities.

Belgium – Brugge

Lego houses are designed in the shape of leaves astounded everyone who visits. This city is waiting for a formal beauty to visitors who stayed in the Middle Ages.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany:

3000 meters above sea level near the middle of the Bavarian Zugspitze mountain in southern Germany’s most beautiful scenery in this city alive.

Telc, Czech Republic:

In the 16th century, Baroque and Renaissance architectural influence was reflected in the design of the houses in the square in Telc. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Moravia, is located in. This town is 13. It founded in centuries.

Reine, Norway:

Reina is a small fishing village with a population of approximately 300 people. Moskenesoy island located in this village on the Arctic circle in Norway by the largest weekly magazine in Norway was selected as the most beautiful villages in the 1970s and are still believed to be so.

Colmar, France:

This city “Capital of Alsatian Wine” is acceptable. This city is an ancient town with some iconic buildings such as the Museum Unterlinden “Little Venice” is also called. Sunny, low precipitation, dry climate makes it a perfect land for the city of Alsace wines.

The Smurfs You Need Small Cities to Visit on the world

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Mostar Bridge reminds us of 16th century Ottoman architecture and is an important part of Islam in the Balkans. The Neretva river flows under the bridge. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most important city.

Hallstatt, Austria:

Austria is located in the vicinity of this small village Hallstätter lake. Hallstatt can be visited even today, has known first salt mine. As well as salt production, contributes to the city’s tourist economy. This city is located on the World Heritage list.

Goreme, Turkey:

Anatolia, Turkey’s is an interesting town in the Cappadocia region. It is known for its rock formations formed nearly all of abrasion characteristics. This formation is known as fairy chimneys. These rocks are settled inside the hotels. Goreme National Park is located in the World Heritage list.

Alberobello, Italy:

Southern Italy, Apulia ‘typical small town located’ Trulli ‘is famous for houses. This conical roof sits on top of the traditional Apulian dry stone hut. These houses are used as temporary storage areas or for agricultural laborers. This city will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you.

The Smurfs You Need Small Cities to Visit on the world

Albarracín, Spain:

Albarracín ‘in this delightful and charming town in the evenings seem enormous. The town name of Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula during the raid, was taken from a Moorish family. Guadalavi is located on the river and adds a distinctive beauty of this river town.

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