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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty



The Statue of Liberty (originally Statue of Liberty) is a neoclassical, monumental sculpture built on the Liberty Island in the Manhattan region of New York City of the United States and symbolic of the centenary of the founding of the United States, It is the observation tower. Since its construction in 1886, it is one of the most famous and interesting monuments in the world.

The monument, which has been on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage for the last 30 years, is visited by an average of 3 million people every year. The statue holding a torch in his right hand has a tablet in the form of a keystone in his left hand. The date on which the United States is founded is July 4, 1776. The tablet, on which this date is written, refers not only to the Declaration of Independence but also to the rule of law. The statue has 7 different tips found on the crown, and 7 different continental symbols. The statue itself is 46 m high, with the hand held torch 93 m high altogether.

Copper and steel were used in the construction of the sculpture with a total weight of 205 tons. The sculpture Isabelle Eugenie Boyer modeled the lady and after finishing the sculpture in France, it was divided into 315 pieces and moved to the port of New York. Some sources say that the Ottoman State ordered such a sculpture for the entrance of the Suez Canal, but later received a decision of cancellation due to the incidents that might arise from the torch, in which case the statues become the torch they hold in the hands of the only common point.

The statue ordered by the Ottoman State is assumed to be shorter (around 30 m) and a peasant model. In either case, the statue has undergone major changes and is not the same sculpture. In some sources, it is said that the monument sculptor Frederic Bartholdi received an order in this way and fled the monument away because of the Franco-Russian war in the monument’s construction phase. The Statue of Liberty Various donation campaigns have been organized in order to complete the sculpture, which has been suffering from great difficulties during the construction phase and which has been working for a while. Another important name in the construction of the monument is Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower. This sculpture with high populations also has small-sized replicas in cities like Paris, Beijing, Bordeaux, Pristina, Osaka. Considering the term conditions, it means that the statue does not only express freedom but that this state which has left the centennial is strengthened and wants to show this power.

It is also assumed to be one of the moves made in the country to wrap up the wars of civil war for many years and to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and to show that slavery is literally left over. In the initial stages of the project, a model of a man holding a broken chain in his hand by sculptor Frederic Bartholdi was conceived to be very provocative and divisive after the end of the civil war. Under the formation of the idea of ​​holding a torch by the sculptor on the right hand, the sculpture is intended to give a peaceful appearance and to model the progress and development.

The choice of female figurine is to show that women are as individual as men and valued in countries where the freedom is strong even though the women are humiliated and ignored in society back then. The statue is also a reaction to slavery at the same time. Another meaning that the statue carries is to emphasize that liberty is the basis of progress, development is the basis and mankind is developed so freely that humans become so free. The influence of the sculpture in the art world continues to be important in popular culture, and dozens of works are given about it.

At the same time, money is printed on the statue of the period. The sculpture, which was open to visitors except for maintenance and repair periods, was first taken in 1938, 1984- 1986, 2011-2012 and closed to visitors. The monument was closed on the grounds that it was under attack at the time of the September 11 attacks. The sculpture that is open at this moment opens the doors of thousands of visitors every day.

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