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The Statue Of Zeus

The Statue Of Zeus



The most important works of the period were made in huge ways, which is one of the original seven wonders of the World within the scope of the statue of Zeus. Greece within the borders of Olimpia, built in the year 450 b.c. sculpture, made by famous sculptor Phidias.

The statue’s construction is based on the history of the Olympic Games. The Greeks, Zeus, which they denounce as King of the gods, organized Olympic Games once, in four years, many featured appearances by athletes from civilization. Syria, Anatolia, Greece, Egypt and Sicily are made between soil athletes from competition to compete.

This is the first time the Olympic Games in 776 b.c., was made. The purpose of the games, the City Government is to provide unity and integrity between. Is the name of the Greeks, the Peloponnesus town of Olympos, a large temple to Zeus. The contention between the City-States throughout the Olympics and stopping the wars and has a convenient and secure way for competitions. The competitions organized in the region, while the first is written in a simple Stadium, each time becoming more valuable and the Olympic Games are due to attract Greeks, Zeus decided to make a very big temple.

Elisli Congress Center, Temple was the first person begins. 456 b.c. years to complete, on. Geometrically, similar to the 13 major column by standing. In every corner of the gigantic Temple, 6 columns. The ceiling of the temple, was designed in the form of a triangle and many statues in this section. Kolonlarda also Heracles and several statues of mythological importance in person. After all this, the Greeks into the temple, a huge statue of Zeus they thought to do.

The Statue Of Zeus  Built into the temple, and the majestic statue of Zeus, is very attentive and careful way. Imposed on the West side of the temple sculpture, 12 meters high and seven meters wide. The statue of Zeus, seated on the throne of way gösterilmekteydi. The statue’s head, was rising up to the ceiling of the temple. Zeus ‘ in his right hand, the goddess of victory Nike’s symbol is the Eagle with sceptre in his left hand, tutuşturulmuştu. The statue of Zeus and Zeus this throne in icon is visually very impressive. Some parts of the statue in gold, ebony and precious metals has been used.

The upper section of the throne, Greek gods and Goddesses with strong mythological importance animal figures. The statue of Zeus used in leather, was made of ivory. Zeus ‘ gown, beard and hair is made of gold. in 391, Emperor of Rome, 1. By Theodosius, the Greeks brought a charge of idolatry. Therefore, both the Olympics was cancelled, and the temple was closed for a visit. This statue of the Greeks, in the period, as he was known then, Constantinople (İstanbul) they moved to the city. But the big fire in 462, the statue has been destroyed.

in 1829, the statue parts of Olympos has this field than the French, into pieces. An issue of parts, however, are in the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. Olympos is the historic Stadium in seeing the process of restoration. The temple is only a couple of pieces column. The information on the coins of the era and period of the information has been obtained.


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