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The Temple Of Artemis Info

The Temple Of Artemis Info



The Temple of Diana in the history books as the Temple of Artemis, goddess Artemis, which replaces ‘ e was made is a great dedication.

In 550 b.c., the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which was built as a magnificent architectural masterpiece. In the intervening centuries, touted as one of the seven wonders of the World from the temple, only 2 remained part of marble. The temple is located in the Township of Ephesus, Turkey and known by the name of Selçuk municipality in the borders today. The Lydian King, the one on the temple to be started by the person itself. 120 years of the construction works and is connected to this giant project Sidon lu compiled by Antipader, “seven wonders of the world” was included in the famous study. Antipader, enthralled in the face of these works he saw rather than the other wonderful works, it Temple, described in a separate brightness.

The Temple Of Artemis Info  Ebba Who Is Artemis?

The moon goddess Artemis, known as the Titan Selene of the Apollon is the brother of flour that have been replaced. In some sources, the Greek goddess of hunters about the Virgin and identification. But Philip Artemis the Greek goddess Artemis skin is completely different. Mentioned here is from the goddess Artemis in the cult of Cybele’s Anatolian Goddesses is a. As the main Goddess of Anatolia in mythology, Cybele, which replaces the e changes to become what it took and how Artemis here is unknown. However, the process of transformation of Cybele, Artemis e not after a few stages took place at a time.

The Temple Of Artemis Info  Artemis in other Greek gods, dealing with the image of the monument (the goddess ‘ timeslot), more similar to the gods of Egypt and the Near East. To get their feet under, leg section and continue the descending part becoming thinner. Artemis Tap ınağı, consists of a total of three stages in the process.

A phase; Artemisium. B.c. 7. in the 21st century. A lot of the Temple altar.

B phase; Altar of the temple is built of artemisium.

C phase; The big fire which is made after restoration.

Artemis has collected within the body, especially of the ınağı Worship and works of art related to rely on a single source, historian Plynus un consists of what you have. Pliny, the temple is 115 meters long and 55 meters wide. The most striking information about the temple, still in question, the historian by specified, consist of almost any expression of marble of the temple. If the columns at the temple, each of which is 18 meters long and 127 pieces made in the Ionic style, using the colon is considered by historians.

In the Temple of Artemis there are various works of art contained within. Sculptures, paintings, gold and torque embroidered columns, is a part of the temple works within. Artists have been trying to do their best for their statues, but rather is related to the Qur’an city of the Amazons is another interesting information. Many of the Athenian philosopher and historian, he’s a main statue of Artemis in Ephesus, best of, Daedalus un student Endoeus u.

The Temple Of Artemis Info  The Temple of ARTEMIS, where it has a value that is greater than the social and economic sense. From different religions and beliefs to be affected, as a symbol of the interested in different symbol was likened, I need to worship the region for years to come, both trade and tourism have attracted people. Awareness grows, more and more interest in the temple, and the intervening centuries legends and remains attractive with about.


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