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The World’s Best Places for Chocolate Colic

The World’s Best Places for Chocolate Colic



When you bite into a piece of chocolate doesn’t seem like such a bad place in the world, isn’t it? Its silky texture, attractive aroma and taste buds a pleasing colors from your activation can do much more. If you are a çikolatakolik, you need to go exactly where on earth are we going to explain.

Did You Know?

Andrew Farrugia, the famous Maltese chocolatier, world’s tallest chocolate structure for a Guinness world record. Work with bar, restaurant, car and even a complete was a steam train. Belgium is designed to look like the old train of wagons. 111.5 feet (approximately 21.7 meters) length has been used approximately 1.285 kg chocolate covering. Farrugia masterpiece on 784 hours to complete. Works released in Brussels was opened and an exquisite Chocolate Week Belgium chocolate.

Chocolate, food is the source of a complete for everyone who enjoys happy. Whether you want white or dark chocolate with milk, will make them happy for everyone has a special chocolate type. Have you ever been in a town will lead you there happiness step sequence chocolate shops have you ever imagine that? We’re not talking about just the ordinary chocolate, this seemingly simple ingredients chefs with years of applications and skills what amazing creations!

The World's Best Places for Chocolate Colic

Chocolate industry producing something new almost every day, we’ve got a lot that we need to grow as consumers. The best way to reach the rare chocolate and wandering the world culinary journey is to allow him to lead. Before you go on vacation, will take place in connection with chocolate any important whether an event or festival, make sure you do research on. Festivals of particular interest may be the relevant departments with chocolate that you can hear but before the world’s best spots for çikolatakolik.

The World's Best Places for Chocolate Colic

1) Belgium:

Belgium chocolate food can mean only one thing; To that (in the Bible, Adam and Eve as the garden of Eden) a sensory trip. If you love Chocolate Belgium may be exactly the place to be! The city is just not more than 2000 chocolatier, also the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer is the place where you will also find the. The best a country can produce separate chocolates are manufactured here. Belgium chocolate is chocolate the best giving unrivalled reputation, this is the traditional method used to prepare chocolate. Belgium chocolate never used cheap materials when generating the chocolate is one of the world’s finest chocolate is thrown, the risk for a reason.

2) Switzerland:

Switzerland’s chocolate industry hardening process and first milk, hazelnut and chocolate production filled with revolutionary success. Most of us know of this chocolate but chocolate of Switzerland combined with flavors, this is becoming sensational experience. Switzerland chocolate, great depression (the world economic crisis of 1929) diminishes as sales during the international suffered great pain. In addition, once they’ve lost their popular military consumers. Since then, the most coveted luxury chocolate preparations with Switzerland after all, crawling back to its place in the Summit.

3) France:

The French not only envied cheese selections is also famous for its ultra luxury chocolate. An impressive selection of exotic fruits, and unique materials with French chocolate is great. Leave your taste yourself and cheeses, fashions and enjoy great romance with Paris Street.

The World's Best Places for Chocolate Colic

4) Africa:

Africa “Ghana”, arguably the world’s highest quality cocoa beans manufactures and offers approximately 68% of the world’s cocoa. Africa is what makes amazing, loving expert hands the labour which chocolate is the presence of a number of places in the South. Hard materials, exotic additions and an old tradition of the people of Africa with a feeling of perfect world’s first class chocolate know how to do that.

5) Ecuador:

Ecuador’s quite tasty and uncomplicated cuisine prepare in conjunction with cocoa beans, shrimp and fruit varieties is a major manufacturer in the world. Ecuador is a city to be explored thoroughly, you will find a pleasant and memorable of the çikolatakolik are. While in Ecuador, local stores around the city readily available the region’s award-winning organic pamper yourself with chocolates. So, while you’re there, how about a chocolate making class? These courses are just not going to make you discover foreign flavors, but also will have a chance to educate the taste buds.

6) Mexico:

Aromatic, spicy and splendid Mexico may be the most appropriate words to describe their food. For some, it may be worth this experience more spicy. Breathtaking beaches, Palm trees and against a crowded city, Mexico offers a unique assortment of chocolate shops. After spending a lazy day at the beach, a hot cup of cocoa yourself even better yet, treat with a box full of carefully crafted chocolate.

Chocolate Festival:

A real çikolatakolik, just go to a chocolate festival can not be a real çikolatakolik. Imagine when surrounded by a completely chocolate! Chocolate chocolate chocolate structures, abstract art, tasting sessions, looms are carefully packaged chocolates and chocolate-themed fashion shows! So, the best chocolate on one side of the world, let’s take a look at the festivals?

-Belgium “Choco-Laté With Festival”

-France, Paris “Salon du Chocolat”

-America, “The NY Chocolate Show New York

-Italy, Umbria “Euro Chocolate Festival”

-United Kingdom, London “The Chocolate Festival”

-Germany, Tübingen “ChocolART Festival”

-Switzerland, Linkoping “Belgium Chocolate Festival”

-China, Shanghai “World Chocolate Wonderland”

-Canada, New Brunswick “Chocolate Fest”

-Australia, Melbourne “Chocolate Rush Festival”

-Mexico, Mexico City “Salón Chocolate Festival”


Author: Tulay Akbari:

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