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The World’s Clever 12 Animals

The World’s Clever 12 Animals



Animal intelligence can manifest itself in different areas such as learning skills, self-awareness, numeracy, and co-operation. In this article, we have compiled some of the smartest animal species in the world.

12 – Sea Lions

The World's Clever 12 Animals

Studies have shown that sea lions have the ability to think reasonably. While marine biologists teach sea lions their artificial sign language, they discover that their commands and movements are learned very easily. In addition, these animals have the ability to make decisions using their logic. For example, if a = b and b = c, then a = c.

11 – Rangers

The World's Clever 12 Animals

These cute animals have a very intelligent brain. They have developed many different ways to help find their own food. Researchers say that even the trivial details of their tiny brains can be stored in memory for a long time. You can also remember and perform 300 different commands that you teach together with the ability to learn very quickly. The habit of these animals to soak food in water first is of interest. For this reason, it was named “lotor” (lotor). No matter how clean the food is, they do not eat it thoroughly in a nearby water and wash it.

10 – Dolphin

The World's Clever 12 Animals


As the dolphins are very intelligent, they can easily be trained for complex activities. They have separate personalities. Even Tursiops are believed to be able to think of the future. Yunus communicates with each other through whistles.

9 – African Gray Parrot

The World's Clever 12 Animals

African Gray Parrot

The African Gray Parrot is not only a popular animal, but also one of the smartest animals. They can learn the words and use them to communicate with the owners. They have ideas about shapes, numbers and colors. The minds are equal to a child of four.

 8 – Whale

The World's Clever 12 Animals


Like dolphins, whales are part of aquatic mammals group of marine mammals. For this reason, they both share the same intelligence characteristics. The sperm whale has the largest brain among all the animals.

7 – Pork

The World's Clever 12 Animals


There are many reasons for the classification of pigs among the most intelligent animals in the world. A new-born piglet can recognize the mother’s voice. The pig’s long-term memory is good. Pigs are social animals and love to play with each other. Surveys show that pigs, like humans, dream.

 6 – Chimpanzee

The World's Clever 12 Animals


It’s no surprise that chimpanzees are one of the smartest animals on the planet. They can learn vocabulary, gain self-concept, play objectively and use tools. They also grieve at the deaths of their close relatives and their loved ones.

5 – Mouse

The World's Clever 12 Animals


The social structures of mice are similar to humans. They are easily connected to each other and to human beings. The mice are excellent in learning and have a good memory. Mice can communicate with each other with high frequency sound.

4 – Dog

The World's Clever 12 Animals


The intelligence of the dogs varies according to their race. However, we can safely say that the mental abilities of average dogs are similar to that of a two year old child. Dogs can learn words, gestures and basic arithmetic. They show empathy and basic emotions.

3 – Pigeon

The World's Clever 12 Animals


Pigeons can recognize the same image. They can identify the twenty-six letters of the English language. They can go home a few miles away. In ancient times, pigeons were used to carry messages throughout their lives.

How many countries are there in Asia?

2 – Octopus

The World's Clever 12 Animals


The octopus is so clever that he can manage to get rid of any kind of salt. The brain is bigger than any other invertebrate animal. Scientists claim that octopuses can find their way in labyrinths.

1 – Fil

The World's Clever 12 Animals


Fillers are considered the smartest animals and have excellent long-term memory. Filler can simulate sounds, use tools, and recognize themselves at the same time. These animals are emotional and social. They grieve after their death.

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