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These Herbs Deliver Healing

These Herbs Deliver Healing



The days we warmed ourselves to the sun and the days when we dressed and threw ourselves into the streets were behind. The rapidly cooling air invites diseases. The way to spend the winter without getting sick as much as possible is through the healing world of plants.

The hot summer days left their place to the falling temperatures. In this way, the hospitals were filled and overflowed. If we do not like to use medicines and we want to take precautions before the disease becomes chronic, we should make maximum use of the healing world of plants.

We all feel a slight discomfort in the first days of the tribe that I do whatever I do not mind sleeping on the mattress to sleep on the bed mattress. Then of course we do the first thing that comes to mind and we go to the actress and get the herbal teas that will stop. Beware of! When we say healing, let’s not be in our health. Because some actors are waiting in storage for many years and plants exposed to many bugs and close to the subject may be able to sick more diseases. Sometimes the transporters recommend a number of ready mixed herbal teas to us. However, there is no control over which pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals are present in the plants in these mixtures, as suggested by the literature. For this reason, we should prefer closed-packed plants and herbal teas of known and reliable companies. Because production conditions and production sites are regularly inspected. In addition to that, there are many analyzes about the plants they use as raw materials. For this reason, we prefer to use our products for these products.

These Herbs Deliver Healing

A winter tea is both delicious and wellness

It is known that many plants are effective against colds, microorganisms that cause colds and winter diseases. Here is a tea (winter tea) prepared with plants to protect us against the effects of winter and gargle recipe!

1 bag lime,
1 bag of chamomile,
1 sachet of sachet,
4-5 cloves,
4-5 pieces of black pepper,
2-3 thin slices of ginger,
A pinch of thyme,
A small piece of cinnamon stick,
thick-skinned skin of a medium-sized hand

Let’s put all the ingredients in a teapot. Let’s add 5-6 cups of hot water on it, but let’s make sure the water does not boil. In recent studies, it has become clear that when boiling water is used in herbal products such as chamomile, sage and mint, which contain volatile oil, the amount of volatile oil carrying the active substances is lost. Experts therefore recommend that we use approximately 80 degrees of water that has not reached the boiling point. After adding the water, we can add honey to the brew for about 15-20 minutes. We can use this tea as chest softener, expectorant and relaxing.

For the gargle:
Let’s put 1 bag of sage in a porcelain cup. Add hot water to boil again and wait for 10 minutes. Let’s take the sage bag and wait for it to get warm. Let’s gargle with warmth. However, if we want to maximize the effect, we need to eat and drink for at least 1 hour after we mouth gargle. Because of the antimicrobial and antiviral effects of sage, if we prepare this gargar freshly and use it 5-6 times a day, we will see that there is no trace of sore throat.

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