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Think Twice Before Entering These Waters!

Think Twice Before Entering These Waters!



To people swimming or surfing holiday are their favorite activity. You really are great ways to pass the time. However, before jumping into the water, you need to be aware of the danger of this water. In the world’s most dangerous place for a swim if you want to read our article.

Millions of people all over the world to the beaches, waterfalls and rivers. But be careful, as you can see, not every water paradise. Oceans, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water may look beautiful and attractive giant but below them and have a completely different world. Available in the world’s oceans more than 450 shark species, and each year about 200 shark attack has occurred. The lives of many is another danger water currents.

Summer is approaching, the world’s most dangerous waters will be useful to inform you about. If you have a reservation trip to one of these places, it might be wise to change your plan! That’s not been deadly waters recommend swimming or pastimes!

Think Twice Before Entering These Waters!

-River Nile, Egypt:

The Nile is Egypt’s most famous River is the longest river in the world at the same time. The River Nile is located in Northeastern Africa. At the same time is one of the world’s most dangerous water mass. Considered the most dangerous of the crocodile family Nile crocodile, is home to up to 600,000. These alligators each year hundreds of people killed. Flat worms, spiders, snakes and mosquitoes, as well as other organisms that live in the river habitat.

-Fraser Island, Australia:

Think Twice Before Entering These Waters!  Fraser Island is located on the southern coast of Queensland, Australia. The length is approximately 150 kilometers and a width of about 30 km long. This island is known as the world’s largest sand island. In addition, Queensland’s largest island and is the sixth largest island of Australia. The natural beauty of Fraser Island and the waters surrounding it looks nice though, with a lot of jellyfish and housed the shark, it’s definitely a restricted area. The waters surrounding the island is also a very strong currents. The island is the world’s most deadly spider and a few alligators. Sometimes there is also wild dogs known to attack people.

-Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands:

Accommodates a large number of marine species of Bikini Atoll and is a great place for divers. But this line is sharks and dangerous due to high radiation levels. 1944-1960 it was used as a trial area for nuclear weapons. between 1946 and 1958, approximately 25 nuclear device detonated in the area of 7 attempts in the United States. This is why it is the island’s radiation contaminated. The island has been declared a safe zone in now.

-Kilauea, Hawaii:

Kilauea, Kauai is a town located on the northeast coast of. Kauai, Hawaii (hi) is one of the eight Islands. Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, waves and a pleasant atmosphere. But many also danger. There are many active volcanoes in the region. Active volcanoes of Mount Kilauea is popular mostly due to. Active volcanoes very close to the beach beach is very dangerous.

-Zipolite Beach, Mexico:

Think Twice Before Entering These Waters!  This beach on the South coast of Oaxaca in Mexico, a parish in the municipality of San Pedro located Tangible. This is one of a few naked beach Mexico Beach and hippie culture is known due to the protection. became famous in the 1960s and 1970s. This is a view of the crystal clear water beaches and bright white sands and superb. At the same time lethal water currents and with a lot of people’s lives every year. The death toll from some of them lost at sea, while others back from deep waters and circular water movements is beached bodies. You stay away from the sea and surf or swim to enjoy the beach is recommended.

-Lake Kivu, Rwanda:

Lake Kivu is one of the largest lake in Africa. This Lake is located on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lake Placid is an important source of food and income for many fish. However, under carbon dioxide and methane deep waters contains a gas problems. A sudden surge of methane into the atmosphere could lead to a very dangerous place. The evidence shows sudden gas emissions did in the past the Lake. Scientists can be deadly in the future of the Lake.

-Recife, Brazil:

more than 100 since 1931 a shark attack and 30 deaths have occurred. Most of these attacks were in Brazil. Most of them is a shark attack took place on a beach in a town called Recife is known. Swimmers and surfers although it is a lively area with the world’s largest shark attack is one of the top 10 places. You can also relax with a swim along the beach there are signs describing the dangers.

-Victoria Falls, Zambia:

The beauty of the Victoria falls in Zambia with a wonderful landscape, is one of the world’s most dangerous place. Called the “Devil’s pool” at the edge of the waterfall is a natural pool. This pool is the perfect place for swimmers, although very dangerous. KH barrier over the deaths in accidents that occurred with the shifted.


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