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This Day in History from "Breathtaking City Aspendos"

This Day in History from "Breathtaking City Aspendos"



Date tissues were among people suffering from the condition are always excited and interested. In the past, people who live their lives to wonder, how Speculating that he continued living in the era of people’s lives always been enjoyable.

In particular, you can have exactly the historical texture of yourself, it feels like one of the places where you can feel like living at that time in the atmosphere and mood that you feel very happy inside.

This historic places in many places still wait to be discovered also included, which surfaced already is available day and those who are entitled to take part in our lives. This is one of the most beautiful historical sites, our tourism heaven is not elsewhere from Antalya.

Starting from the Taurus Mountains around Antalya There are many rivers flowing into the Mediterranean. One of these rivers is the River Köprüçay. old people river in ancient times, they always want to use to their advantage. The water of these rivers have been used for commercial purposes with the boat on them because it is quite abundant. This is also an important ancient town was founded on the Köprüçay. This is the name of the ancient city of Aspendos.

This Day in History from "Breathtaking City Aspendos"

Aspendos historic BC 2. 3. It goes back centuries. There are two important building in Aspendos. One of them are the Aspendos aqueduct bringing water. These aqueducts from the Roman period are perhaps the best view of the water channel which has remained intact in Anatolia.

Another important structure Aspendos Aspendos Antique Theatre is. In the theater of Aspendos Roman Emperor Zeno architect M. S. 161- 180 it was built by Marcus Aerelius period. Full-Roman period was built in the style. Roughly 15 thousand to 20 thousand people. Forty order consists of marble. It’s promise of Curtius brother at the entrance to the ancient theater. The word ‘God’s Country and the royal family’ shaped. The theater is still standing in very good condition. Ataturk’s time, restored and remains in very healthy shape.

This Day in History from "Breathtaking City Aspendos"  Aspendos Theatre, although the place was used as a caravanserai time Seljuks, an ancient theater with superb acoustics for classical music show today where he presented several performances. BC 5. The names of the century coins minted is Estvediyst. Face measurement is so small that explain its position in the economy push us such a valuable currency of the city easily.

In the economy or pharmaceutically acceptable salts derived from Capria lake. This salt is the most important export products. Dried and used in cotton farming. This salt is sent to the Mediterranean market with convenient access to the river. accordingly, olive and olive oil, viticulture and wine-making, other grain products, fresh fruits are among other agricultural products exported in the city. As important trade path which connects the harbor and Aspendos always located in suburban review required to be obtained. The continuation of the remains of the city is located on the plateau of the hill behind the theater.

This Day in History from "Breathtaking City Aspendos"  The Aspendos legendary story is as follows. Emperor is a competition and will marry the daughter of an architect who will make the most beautiful architecture in the city. At the end of the competition two magnificent work reveals. It is understood that the city’s rich artifacts made by the two brothers. Theatre and aqueducts … The emperor is very unstable, and calls for the next two artists. Results indicate that you are satisfied. One daughter and tells her that the money should be such a beautiful two-piece divide. Whereupon tells about the architect who gave the theater. And the girl is more like the emperor thought that girls who marry architect theater.

44 of Antalya, Aspendos -Alanya road. Km to the north since returning from the road is located within 2 km. Aspendos, the ancient city of Antalya or 50 km away, Alanya or distance of 94 km, to Side is 35 km away. Coordinates: 36 56 20 K – shaped 31 10 20 D.

Aspendos referred to as sites for these places where the ancient city. Therefore, in the nearest town is 35 km from the accommodation and hotels Side is well maintained. Local delicacies are offered by local women on the road to Aspendos. When you undergo this raw pie, a snack from the snack like pancakes. In restaurants you can watch the testimony on the history of Aspendos landscape, you can taste delicious dishes, you can even give food to the ducks in the river. relax in cafes where you can drink fresh orange juice.
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