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Tips for thick eyebrows

Tips for thick eyebrows



Here it is refined and simple formula that you can apply to strengthen your sulky frown …


If you want to see the changes you may notice in your eyebrows a few weeks Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows a few times a day. You can apply Vaseline finished with your mascara brush.

Indian Oil

Castor oil on the hair follicle has an incredibly strong impact. You also handout if you want to apply your eyebrow on your brow from the effects of the castor oil once a day for a few minutes and then massage your eyebrows.

Wait at least half an hour before washing the castor oil.

Aloe vera juice

Beauty is one of the indispensable ingredients of aloe vera juice is one of the unique blessings to the eyebrows. By applying aloe vera juice once a day as soon as you can make sure your eyebrows richer.

At the same time your brows with the help of aloe vera juice will be brighter.


One of the brow of onion without missing a boon for your home. It contains high sulfur content, which stimulates the brow-made onion mash and water and rub your eyebrows using a cotton. Do not wash your face at least a few hours.

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