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Trekking back to you when you leave your bag Should Receive

Trekking back to you when you leave your bag Should Receive



Our first recommendation would be to acquire a backpack to put your head in a sudden improvement in trouble. After that, you will discover the beauty of nature, you are ready to go for a walk.

Well, what else should be on your side?

Water: Surrounded by natural water resources possible to see while visiting. But you can always be lucky. So, do not forget to take your daily amount of water will remain under water requirements. Even if the place if you have more good to keep with you.

Food: These are the first ones that need food next to the water. As far as possible, a hearty sandwich will work for you. You can get it as well as fruit. Do not take particularly dried fruit, your blood pressure and sugar will ensure that the balance. We recommend that you take plenty of salty or sugary food with you. Because these foods will you thirsty.

First Aid Kit: One of the things you should keep with you the first aid kit is a must. The departure from obtaining a complete first aid kit inside.

Map – Compass: These two items will be your savior. confident of their cell phone, omit your side. Remember, you can end at any moment charge!

Lighthouse: Make your trip if possible completed without darkness. But you’re still out there, the torch will be your savior when dark bass. together with the flashlight, do not forget to carry a spare battery.

Lighters or matches: you should keep with you in case is one of the tools. In time, it will be a life saver.

Cakir: Still life saving items! Your Knife, even the things you hope will help facilitate. Therefore, you must remove it from your bag.

Clothing: We know you have to walk and dress according to the weather conditions Absolute. But at any moment it can be a surprise. Or, you may encounter a situation that prompted the need to spare clothes. So surely, half your outdoor shoes, gloves, underwear and you can use in different weather conditions, be sure to keep your bag casual attire. Have a good walks.

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