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Tricks of makeup oily skin

Tricks of makeup oily skin



  • How to oily skin make-up?

those with oily skin knows best: made up in the morning, it starts flowing glare and noon. In particular, it accumulates in the eyelid if you use headlights. What, are you going to do makeup oily skin? ‘High Heels’ with teams of proposals presented by the glow of your skin you can also prevent and permanent makeup. Is beauty schedule a ride together, let’s take the first step to come on high heels!

  • Use oil stabilizer cleaning products

Clean your skin before applying make-up. Use foam and tonics with balancing the oil content. Also do not forget to clay mask twice a week to avoid glare. This will eliminate more glare on your face.

  • Provide the moisture balance with cucumber juice

After cleaning your skin, cucumber juice and rub the area you afraid of the glare and allow to dry. Cucumber will absorb the excess oil on your skin thanks to its content. Then go to your makeup.

  • choose products suitable for oily skin

The most important point to be considered when making makeup for oily skin are the content of the products. appropriate cosmetics for your skin structure, reduces fat and prevents glare. When using products such as eye shadow and blush, make sure they are not oil-based.

Tricks of makeup oily skin

  • Use water-based nemlediric ago

Apply a water-based moisturizer on your skin before foundation. This day will minimize the glow of your skin.

  • Make sure to the sun protection

Protect your skin against the sun. Apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor on the moisturizer to lubricate your skin when you sweat.

  • Choose oily skin with special powder

Foundation and powder when making your selection, choose those made specifically against oil absorbent and shine.

  • Apply with a brush Makeup

Never apply foundation with your hands. This is in your hands to pass the bacteria on your face and makes your skin damage. Always use a brush for this.

  • Whether you savior transparent powder

Features apply powder to your skin glowing transparent region makes your job easier. Foundation or make up for this with a large brush to apply powder made on a cream base, and ensures that your makeup last longer, as well as the glare of the matting.

  • Choose oil-absorbent wipes

You can use the wipes made specifically for oily skin the moment you feel that your skin lubricated. of which shine without disturbing your makeup can delete these tissues and can attain a more matte appearance.

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