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Tricks of Nail Care What?

Tricks of Nail Care What?



One of the women maintain their body is most at home in the nail care. But there are some important points of nail care. The most important point we do not know, unfortunately, and therefore do not apply to waste our time’s going to be gone for hours even though we deal with our fingernails could call.

We may have groomed nails by following these suggestions;

Sun, gives them harm by damaging your nails chlorine and harsh chemical cleaning agents. So while the sun should use sun protection cream, and you should not forget to wear gloves while cleaning.

You should avoid filing your nails from the side. Doing so increases the fragility of the nails.

Iron, calcium, vitamin B, particularly important for your nails. Your body to reinforce them in your fingernails significantly affects health.

breakage and separation of the nail can also be caused by insufficient water present in your body. Therefore, you need to consume plenty of water.

You should avoid lotions that contain alcohol. What happens to them in the yellowing and thinning of the nails.

Nails need to be fed the fatty acids. These fatty acids are also in the almond. If you eat 5-6 almonds daily you will be able to change immediately.

If you scan from side to side 1-2 times a day, brush your nails, your circulation will be mobilized, which will ensure your nails grow faster.

Quotes can be unpleasant to extend too much on image as well as increases the vulnerability.

You must degreasing nail polish your nails before applying.

The moisturizing your nails and cuticles will produce good results for you.

Remove nail polish your teeth or other sharp instrument, trying to scrape. The damage to the nails would be in really large sizes.

Put on your rubber gloves at the time that you must use chemicals.

And most importantly, you must stop nail biting habit surely, if any.

If the problem you are having with your kavuşacaksınız.tırnak more healthy nails when you apply your nail with a few suggestions that you can prepare at home just a few treatments you can make maintenance easier.

One of the most common problems is the yellowing of the nails. Times are constantly using nail polish nails in humans because they never bleed slowly begin to turn yellow. Also nicotine consumption and bad use of the lacquer-acetone causes yellowing or yellow pigment in duplicate to the nail. In such a case, you can restore your nails by applying them to the former health;

-A During the 10-minute wait and then take the region dividing lemon yellowed.
-Then Clean oxygenated water with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing.

Sometimes our tapered nails, too much damage and begin to break the cycles in this case it will be good for the following quotation;

-1 Tsp salt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 cup of warm water taken into a bowl and mix.

Insert your fingernail into the mixture and leave -This as you can stand. This will strengthen your nails. Especially in the evening before bedtime implementation it will be more effective. You will receive the results as soon as possible.

bruises different than mentioned in your nails, yellow discoloration, you should consult an expert before its too late if you have conditions such as bifurcated and fall. Quotes are may be the harbinger of many diseases.

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