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Turkey’s geographic location

Turkey’s geographic location



The concept of a place where the geographic location is used to determine the area in the world. So where is the area where our countries in the world?

Our country is in the middle generation, 26-45 degrees and 36-42 degrees north eastern meridians parallel between Asia, where the European and African continents closer to each other, is located between the eastern and western cultures. Now I have to explain in more detail and explain its position on the issue of our country let’s world.

First divided into two geographic locations. These;

– Mathematics (absolute) position
– Special position

Turkey's geographic location  Mathematics position relative to the parallel and meridian According to statements edilir.türki the prime meridian (through the capital London Greenwich town England.) Eastern Hemisphere, based on the starting line is that divides the biggest parallel is the exact midpoint of the World (passes from Ecuador .) according to the Northern hemisphere where almaktadır.b it was located north of Turkey’s most extreme, the most eastern-Igdir-December, the western-Çanakkale-Gökçeada, the north-Sinop-Inceburun is the most southern Hatay-Yayladağı’nın .

Parallel of (latitudes) Features;

– Starting line is in Ecuador and the initial temperature is zero.
– Parallel with the east-west line drawn imaginary lines.
Turkey's geographic location  – Circumferences of parallel because the geoid world’s structure decreases toward the poles.
– From the equator to the poles, till gravity increases, the linear velocity decreases.
– Two parallel between the north between 111 km’dir.türkiye’n the crow flies from the southern and 42-36 = 6, 6 * 111 = is 666 km.
– In addition, 23 degrees 27 minutes from the crab and goat Tropics is available spots reason last noktadır.b came at right angles to the sun’s equator (zero degrees) with crab or the Tropic of Capricorn from the tropics name verilir.yengeç tropics to the northern hemisphere, the tropic of Capricorn in the southern It is hemisphere.
– Point 66 degrees 33 minutes North or South of the Arctic Circle, while 90 degrees is referred to as the North or South pole.
– Between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer middle generation is called and Turkey it is included here.
– The length of the shadow body goes more to the north from the south of Turkey because of the parallel, enlightenment period, the time difference of night and day and time, and the groups defined time period varies.

Turkey's geographic location  Meridians (of Longitude) Features;

– Meridians are lines extending in a north-south direction.
– Start the meridian from the UK (London-Greenwich) passes and 0 degrees.
– Decreases from the equator to the poles, till distance between two meridians, but the difference between the 4-minute time change.
– One of Turkey’s most eastern and most western of 45-26 = 19, 19 * 4 = 76 minute time difference there. Because the world has turned from west to east as eastern time in the future.

Special position of countries in the continent, adjacent to the sea, the gateway to the throat and refers to the specifications according to landforms. Turkey in Asia, Europe and Africa closer together as the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea peninsula with three sides surrounded by the sea. Istanbul and has the Dardanelles. It is a mountainous country with an average altitude of 1132 m.

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