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Turkey’s top tourist Spatial 10

Turkey’s top tourist Spatial 10



on Turkey’s geography, history has attracted throughout the world. Many empires and civilizations have entered the war in order to prevail in this region. The abundance of underground riches, until surface is much zengilik also not be underestimated.

Strategic location and also the land is surrounded by sea on three sides, our country has kept on hand at all times. Turkey is a wonderful holiday paradise.

of Turkey’s top tourist Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea. The history of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, as well as attract the attention of tourists with the sea and beaches.

Many tourists prefer the Mediterranean and the Aegean during the summer. Our country has to address the considerable mass in terms of tourism. People from many parts of the world, prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey. This shows that how beautiful our country.

Why Turkey is Preferred?
Our soil is staying draw attention to the historical and cultural richness of the many civilizations. especially Istanbul, traces the history of our city reflect today many still intact.
Due to the coexistence of people and the natural beauty of history, do not hesitate to choose to not live in Turkey. While among the world’s most beautiful city of Istanbul, Europe and Asia bears the distinction of being the only city that connects.

Turkey's top tourist Spatial 10  Tourists who want to experience the deep traces of history, Istanbul is literally flock. Our country has attracted many civilizations until today the charm of the past and dreamed. past empires ruled the territory of Turkey, not to be fought at the expense of giving up land. Turkey, with cheapness and services that have been offered holiday paradise in true sense. In summer, sea, beach and tourists who want to enjoy the sun, they prefer the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Now, let’s review the 10 place that attracts the most tourists to Turkey.

Belek has suffered recently almost tourist flows. On behalf of our country that attracts many tourists in the first 3 places we can show Belek. With golf on top of the world standard in Belek, it is the first choice of golf lovers. For tourists with fine sand beaches are composed of long and has a priceless beauty.

The presence of pine and pistachio forest next to the sea, people are almost a visual feast for air. The theater that incorporates Belek, every year one of the reasons so many different activities that people love to be held in Belek counted. Hotels in Belek offers an all-inclusive service. Therefore, you have the option to remain satisfied with the hotel is almost there.


with its beauty and tranquility, which are subject to Olympos films around the world are among the first choice of many people. There Olympus’s own pensions. Therefore, it is possible to count preference availability Olympos rank high in terms. “I came, I saw and I had, I had, I had” signs of Olympos, the beauty is almost cried the whole world. Olympus meets you when you step into orange blossom scents, it will also take you past unique history. Olympos beach offers people from all walks of taste.

a wide variety of Olympos beach, azure sea gives comfort to tourists. Pensions prices to be included in the price for breakfast and dinner as well as being very cheap, tourists are free from the burden of money. Olympus has several entertainment center site. With a unique beauty for lovers of extreme sports Olympus, the divers can enjoy a unique ride to the sea. Olympus is one of the absolute vacation navigating place to be seen. One of the places where tourists are most preferred, is undoubtedly Olympos.


Turkey's top tourist Spatial 10  a place where the influx of tourists who admire the green nature Agva gives peace. When you look at staying at the hostel’s window welcomes you to a lush natural landscape. You can walk amongst the greenery, sea and beach in a place where you can relax Ağva, it has attracted the attention of tourists too. At every step you see a tourist, it has now become a familiar situation for Agva.

hostel and hotel prices in Agva is very cheap. with seaside views in a place which is intertwined nature, who would not want to vacation? Agva with affordable and attractive price is waiting for you in every season of the year.


UNESCO “World Heritage City List” candidates Mardin is a city with a unique history and texture. Mardin is the subject of many series and feature films, has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists.
You can forget all your troubles in Mardin’s historic home. Hotels and guesthouses are composed mostly of historic homes. Mardin historic places acquired by the mind of many tourists and the list should be seen was found by navigating from the start.


Turkey's top tourist Spatial 10  Throughout history it has been the most important centers of the Silk Road. Established colonies which have contributed greatly in the past history of trade with Cappadocia, is a paradise that reflects the beauty of nature in its purest form. The chimneys of Cappadocia that identifies itself with the world, serving tourists with luxury hotels. Incoming foreign tourists stay in hotels instead, prefer to stay in the famous cave.
The chimneys in the winter, while in summer with slim profit whiteness, adds beauty to the sun’s glow. Naturally formed chimneys, has attracted the attention of people from past to present. Undoubtedly the best way to explore Cappadocia, participates in the balloon tour. To discover all the natural beauty and the hidden secrets of the city, making balloon tour is absolutely necessary. Cappadocia tourists every month of the year is faced with intense interest.


How about a holiday in the 200 year old pine smell? Ilgaz you this wonderful opportunity with attractive prices of hotels and hostels offer you. Ilgaz Kastomonu one of the most beautiful holiday destinations, caters to tourists with the history and nature. Tourists who want to spend a holiday intertwined with nature, often in preference to Ilgaz.

Kaz Mountains

You can go through the four seasons resort with Ida Mountains, in order to provide you with peace of mind offers a unique service. Kazdaglari local dishes and you can take all the stress with plenty of oxygen, is the ideal place for those who want to relax. tourists who want to listen to the heads, so to speak are flocking to Mount Ida. A combination of nature and greenery danced Ida Mountains, attract more tourists recently. Further developing the region in this respect and is renewed.


Antioch thyme and orange smell will greet you at the entrance. With a magnificent azure sea, offering you local dishes Antakya, it has been frequented by gourmets. To navigate the market with a long and narrow alleyways are a number of people vaccinated peace. to stay in Antioch, which is frequented by tourists, hotels and hostels serve you at an affordable price.
In the morning, dinner Because of the hotels and hostels, you can choose to spend a cheap and fun holiday Antioch.


Turkey's top tourist Spatial 10  90 km from the bus to get to Sarkoy Tekirdag to serve as special. Drawing attention to the cleanliness of the sea and the beach Şarköy, it has been proven all over the world taking 5 blue flag. Tourist of the recent attention has been considerable change in the region with turning Şarköy.

Shrimp, which is famous for its fish and grapes Şarköy, is in great demand by tourists. Enjoy a delightful hillside parachute to tourists along with the wind, while the sea is ideal for those who want to surf the sea has also managed to attract the attention. Şarköy tourists are fascinated in the same time as local dishes.

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