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USA: About New Orleans (NOLA)

USA: About New Orleans (NOLA)



I would like to talk about the city of Nola, which is the subject of many foreign movies and sequels, where the sounds of jazz and Blues music are often elevated. It is New Orleans itself, considered a major entertainment center of the Louisiana state of the United States.

New Orleans, which we have been hearing more often in recent years, is considered to be the indispensable tourist attraction of jazz music and party-loving travelers. In 2005, Catrina Hurricane was in Louisiana. This hurricane that shook New Orleans tourists, its inhabitants and spectacular places in New Orleans, caused great devastation in the city. But besides this, this incredible city keeps all its charm in the 1800s.

New Orleans, who has managed to attract attention as a city that protects the lives of many unusual people, is also taking note of its cuisine. As it is a port city, there are delicious seafood in the kitchen as well as French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indian, African

USA: About New Orleans (NOLA) It also reflects the Spanish cuisine. For both tourists and those who settled here, the economy is not very far away. You can eat at a nearby restaurant (Morespo) at a very affordable price, or in one of the alleys in the form of meatballs. Oysters are often used in meals as a small footnote; If you are going to New Orleans you should eat Crawfish named food.

Crawfish Turkish crayfish (lobster small beetle) is the most important of the high food of New Orleans populace. Other important tastes are Muffalletta, an Italian-based sandwich, red beans, rice and Louisiana’s famous guardian Gumbodur.

New Orleans streets have plenty of tracks from the 80s and 90s, the period of jazz music’s development. In the streets, you can listen to jazz music with fun-loving people and even witness the jazz and blues festivals held in New Orleans if you plan on going a bit. You can eat crammed food, taste new tastes and challenge your imagination with New Orleans’ Festival of Halloween feast at the Great Tuesday’s Tuesday festival.

Mardi Gras festivals in February, the New Orleans Jazz festival in April, the Global Halloween Convergence festival in June, the Essence festival in July, the New Orleans Burlesque in September and November, and the New Orleans Po-boy Preservation festival. In New Orleans there are many museums in America, although the night life is mentioned more often. Night life is made up of 24 hour bars and many places where alcohol can be taken.

USA: About New Orleans (NOLA)

NOLA, the clubs with stage shows that challenge your imagination world, makes you have the perfect nights to dance with the bars that make cocktails in different tastes. Antiques for whom you can buy gifts for your antique lovers, a city with flea markets or glamorous shopping centers for those with limited budgets.

This reminiscence of the city also has some drawbacks. The winters are mildly rainy in summers, as well as being quite hot, as well as floods and hurricanes. Interesting crimes are being committed because it is a lively, touristy and crowded city. In spite of everything, New Orleans should be at the top of the cities where people who are fond of freedom, entertainment and jazz music should go and see.

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