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Volume 5 practical beauty tips for hair

Volume 5 practical beauty tips for hair



If you want to show your instant fuller and thin and dull hair, beauty advice, check out our practice. The dry shampoo, hair advice volume to the hair drying

Purify the shampoo your hair

The first step to make your hair look voluminous, you will choose the most suitable shampoo and conditioner. Choose one needs custom-made brand. But make sure you thoroughly rinse the shampoo from your hair. Shampoo residue can cause the hair to appear dull.

The structure of the Mayan masks to care

biotin ingredient in yeast provides a more voluminous appearance of the hair and rapid growth. Make a yeast mask once a week to maintain its roots to care. Did you describe it? Very easy! In an amount sufficient to your hair yeast, mix watery consistency to receive the milk; Massage it into the scalp and roots mask. Scan a wide-toothed comb, stretch wrap film. After waiting two hours, then rinse clean before shampooing.

Use a dry shampoo

newly fashionable dry shampoo in Turkey, really very effective in showing voluminous hair! we did not believe it until you try it alive, but we have seen that dry shampoo, and gives fullness to the hair provides a permanent hairstyle of both. In the video below, you can monitor the use of dry shampoo for hair fuller.

Dry your hair in the opposite

be thoroughly wash your hair the moisture with a towel. Dry your hair after scanning a wide-toothed comb. But the machine, keep the distance of 30 cm that are damaging your hair. Then tilt your head forward, reverse your hair dry in the machine holding the hair dryer. Secure the hair spray volume squeezing you tossed your hair again.

Volume 5 practical beauty tips for hair

wavy hairstyle of choice

The hair straighteners or hair dryer long, straight hair may sound nice, but unfortunately it is not a suitable model for thin hair. best to show the volume of your hair is to use wavy hairstyle. In fact, men also love the wide and soft-looking wavy hair, so two birds with one stone!

Eat foods that contain Biotin

Hair inside your diet is very important to appear fuller. Carrots, eggs, pumpkin, we suggest that you consume foods containing beta carotene and biotin such as apricots. Even after 3 weeks of regular dietary changes will be visible in your hair.

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