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Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science



Poland’s capital, Warsaw, architecture, historical and cultural aspects of home to make a great masterpiece. The original name of the Palace of Culturel and Science, namely the Palace of Culture and Science, as well as Poland ‘s tallest structure carries the feature. In this structure, there are about 3,000 rooms. Another feature that attracts attention and let the tourist sense, the structure 30. Solid starting with the elevator, the tourists the opportunity to watch a spectacular landscape and local people bestowed occurs. 30. terrace on the floor, it also offers the opportunity to watch the city with optical viewfinders.

History of the buildingWarsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science and the another name, Stalin’s Palace is. If this name, Joseph Stalin in the building of their own to make, and the whole structure comes from the man himself. But Stalin, though, although the Soviet soldiers what buildings already completed, he could never come to this building. The construction of the building, which corresponds to the year 1952 1953. Although only 30. If allowed to exit the floor, the building has been built to be 42 floors in total. This gigantic structure is exactly 230.5 meters. various offices within the building, academic science centers, cinemas, swimming pools, libraries, theaters, a post office and museum.

Joseph Stalin, although Stalin did not want the name of the building’s Palace, Poland, due to take place in the Soviet system has changed the name of the building by the Poles. Due to the above mentioned places in the area and many arts and science center, a name forever linked with today is known as the short form of the Palace of Culture.

The Campus BuildingWarsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture, is in the midst of Warsaw’s full. The immediate vicinity of the center of Warsaw are the main streets and the main railway station. Already, in Warsaw’s central square, the area situated around the building.

Cultural Impact Structure

major changes in the city since 1989, has suffered along with the old structures change. huge building made with the creation of a new slogan Manhattan in the center of Warsaw, with business tower and plaza of the Palace of Culture, the hill was well placed four large clock.

Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science  The building, trauma caused by the Polish population in the municipality and the period is so deep that it has been desired to be seen to be hindered by a number of building projects. In fact, even the competitions on the subject, has been opened by the time the municipality. In some projects, even massive stonework of the building, disregarding completely the idea has been championed in a way even be covered with mirrors. The main purpose is to demolish the building, although it is entirely in the building consists of a very robust, it has been hampered to date this building and murder.

This interaction caused by the structure should hate, love, you need to get the issue has led to a huge paradox. For example, most Varşoval of the most beautiful views of the city from the Palace of Culture and watched, because in any image viewed from this point, they argued that the building itself. At the same, Parisians of the city’s most beautiful sight of the Eiffel Tower from the monitoring, because of the pile of iron as they argued that they have the Eiffel Tower. However, Warsaw or need, as well as any tourists going to Paris, first is to visit the two colossal structures. The city is one of the structures that make up the revenue sources of the Palace of Culture, has taken its cue from this ungrateful thoughts.

Both historical perspective, as well as cultural sense, the Palace of Culture in Warsaw on behalf of a great value, in terms of architecture is a structure admirable in many specialists. Most days of the year, these various exhibitions in the building, games, activities are also organized. In addition to all these, with night lighting, building the glory of exponentially increasing and flourish. Both views appear here in the day, both illuminated view of the building from the city at night is experienced pleasant moments to tourists.


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