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Ways to Get A Job Before Anyone Else at your Dream Startup

Ways to Get A Job Before Anyone Else at your Dream Startup



Many people make this move by searching for the perfect role to suit them from job posting sites and then submitting their Cv. The more experienced ones take the job a step further and take the role off thanks to its connections. They first find the perfect role, then find a way to contact the company and place themselves at the top of the list of applications.

The bad news is, this way you’re missing out on the best startup business on the market. Why, why, why? Because there’s a secret startup job market out there that you don’t even know exists. While you’re looking for a suitable job on company sites, others are starting to work in positions that haven’t yet been on those sites. You can do that by following our steps.

1- Follow The Money

If a startup has recently been invested, it doesn’t matter which ads are posted on their website or not. This company is definitely going to make a purchase, and it’s probably going to buy in any position. The faster you get ahead, the better. So you’d better keep your ear open. You can also use Startup Jobs Istanbul, which lists job advertisements for technology-oriented startups in Istanbul. It’s a good idea to occasionally browse this platform, which lists more than 250 positions from over 170 companies, and sign up for mailing lists. That would be easy for you.

2- Network

What are you going to do now? Most of the money raised comes from venture capital companies. And partners at these companies come with a stack of links that can help startups, except money. If the partners in the venture capital firm introduce a talented person to the company they invest in , which is you!- it will be a success and “added value” for them. In short, these companies actually have a good reason to help someone like you.

Of course, the founders of the startup company should not be missed. After all, they’re the ones who decide whether you’re hired or not. To get out of the crowd, you need to show that you’re really passionate about the company and the position.

3- Show How Broad Your Vision Is

Especially at the beginning of the road, startups have a wide range of changing needs, and they may not want someone on their team who is 100% focused on just one job. So when you go to see the startup, make sure they understand all the skills you can put on the table. Maybe you’re a salesman, but you ran a very successful marketing campaign. Or you’re a software developer, but you know it on social media. Show me this and tell me how you can infiltrate every aspect of the business. If the startup gets a positive look at you and sees what it can bring them, it might even open a separate position for you.

4- Try and See

In any case, you’ll meet with the startup team during the interview process to identify what the job is. Sometimes the two sides like each other, but there’s no position for you.

In such scenarios, it may not be a bad idea to offer them short-term counseling. If they agree and impress them with the work you’re doing, you might even be the star of the company in the future. Many startups have these types of “trial periods” to determine whether the personnel they receive are in line with the company’s culture.

If you’re wearing your armor, now it’s time to look for a job. It’s not an easy process, but if you’ve set your goal of making a great career in the startup world, it’s definitely worth the effort.

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