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We can cure fatigue

We can cure fatigue



There can be many reasons why you feel tired all the time. The condition of fatigue, which is often described as chronic fatigue, and which is frequently encountered during seasonal periods, can be extended and can lead to greater problems if not corrected.

After a long period of physical or mental activity, short-term fatigue is normal. However, it is useful to study carefully the causes of chronic fatigue that cause you to feel like you have not been rested for many days.

Insufficient sleep
If we sleep less, it is not possible to rest. Research suggests that adults need to sleep for 6-8 hours. However, the quality of sleep is important as well as the duration of sleep If you are having difficulty falling into deep sleep and waking up all night long, this indicates a problem. First of all, let’s have a look at our meal times. Do we continue to feed after 20:00? Especially in the evenings, do not you know that our snacks on television are over? Do we spend a lot of time on television and computer during the day? Do not you think we have a mobile phone? Are we consuming tea coffee too much? Let’s try to reduce our association with electronics and leave our eating habit after 20:00 pm and consume only herbal teas such as water or balm, linden. Let’s try to finish our tea, coffee consumption at 16.00. If we do not return to sleep in ten days, it would be beneficial for us to see an expert.

We can cure fatigue

Smoking and alcohol consumption
Smoking and alcohol-consuming people need more sleep, the structure is revealed by various investigations. It is also known that people who quit smoking quit smoking for less than an hour. In summary alcohol and cigarette consumption lead to various types of abuse in our bodies. This damage can only happen to our body in sleep. If excessive consumption is mentioned, we feel tired because our body can not renew itself. Solution: Walk outdoors because walking in the open air accelerates our blood circulation. This leads to a shortening of our transition to sleep.

As much as alcohol and cigarette consumption, bad nutrition affects our body. We do not consume the carbohydrates predominantly without food, sugary or additive substances frequently, especially if we do not go to vegetables and fruits, we can not eat healthy. Is it possible that we do not expect full performance in a body that is not adequately fed? Cereal, pulses, meat, milk, vegetables, fruit must be balanced in our diet program.

Depression and trauma
Emotional traumas, emotional disorders, many traumatic events that affect our lives can cause us to feel tired. In such situations, we may need to rest well, gather my mind, walk alone in the open air, or march with our loved ones. Let’s try to create pleasant conversation environments. Let’s not hesitate to get support from an expert. If our tiredness continues for too long, it can be a cause of depression. If we do not want to be trapped in this vicious cycle, let us be distracted, distracted, and away from events and places.

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