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We should pay attention to when buying chicken?

We should pay attention to when buying chicken?



Protein and vitamin content, chicken has an important place in a healthy diet. However, we need to pay attention to some tricks while chicken. Delicious, healthy chicken voters can learn the intricacies of our special news; after that will be very helpful in your kitchen shopping.

Quality protein, low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals chicken meat, as well as beneficial to human health, as well the importance of proper nutrition and the low cost compared to other animal protein products is one of the most consumed foods.

What are the benefits of chicken?

Protein tank with chicken meat, keeping long satiated and helps burn fat. Especially during children’s development and holds an important place in the diet of the mother. coronary heart disease, reduces significantly the risk of a heart-friendly. Vitamin content in each age group for the development of the body and are helping to protect the immune system. Due to their short and easily digestible fiber foods that are easy to digest chicken meat consumed hot or cold and are also included practical because often preferred foods.

We should pay attention to when buying chicken?
  • When buying chicken branded product and should be considered to be packaged ..
  • The expiry date Product must be examined.
  • That the deterioration of the product’s cold chain and storage conditions are appropriate it should be noted. So, where chickens be kept in the cold / cold it should not be taken if it is not felt. temperature of coolant indicators for it can be controlled.
  • Leaving the latest shopping product to maintain the freshness and coolness Chicken is appropriate. Thus, throughout the shopping basket it does not lose time waiting for chicken meat cold.
  • When shopping for chicken meat should be removed after the home point to the fridge without waiting at room temperature.
  • The purchase of frozen chicken and cooked just not the freezer with containers (-18 ° C) can be stored for 6 months.
  • Purchased product refrigerated (0-4 ° C) until their expiration date.
  • Solve rolled chicken should not be frozen again.
We should look for when cooking chicken?

The chicken in the refrigerator should be placed in the refrigerator if you will solve rolled removed from the freezer about 1 day in advance. microwave oven can also be used to dissolve quickly.

Solve parts should not be consumed without dürr again put in the freezer.

In the preparation of the raw chicken and hands after cooking, kitchen countertops, cutting boards, knives should be washed thoroughly with soap and water.

It is good practice to provide the boil and your meal is more delicious after dürr Solve Frozen chicken in appropriate circumstances.

It is important to be fully cooked chicken meat. adhering to the recommended time and water should be boiled until clear.

We should pay attention to when buying chicken?

Fork dipped chicken cooked and not cooked understandable. When the fork is immersed in the water it is clear to say cooked chicken.

whether to cut a piece of chicken meat dish cooked and cooked to make sure not understandable.

What are the tricks of cooking chicken in the oven?

Chicken be cooked in its own fat and moisture protection, so it is more convenient to cook in the oven bag to make it more delicious.

If you use the tray is preferred to cook in oven bags, cooking chicken’s own oil, during the combustion accumulate in the tray blank sections / a small tray should be used for drying.

If he desired, such as redness of the pomegranate chicken, rubbing butter or honey according to the taste of water on the stove to cook chicken can be removed from the mouth near the oven.

onion into all the chicks to achieve delicious results, garlic, lemon, sage, thyme, bay leaves, flavor-enhancing ingredients such as orange could be put.

White Meat Producers and Breeders Association and the Association of chicken Thank you for taking the information given about cooking.

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