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What are the Causes of Smartphones?

What are the Causes of Smartphones?



What are the Causes of Smartphones? Of course, how we use our time is very important. Besides our valuable time, when we have health issues
It will be right to talk about smartphones that have both positive and negative impact on my life.
Previously, computers, newspapers, radios, cameras, bank cards etc. leaving behind a period that we have to use things separately, making smartphones that keep all of these features all the same at the same time, making every move even more progressive, helping us to find where we are going to go.
We can talk a lot about the benefits of smartphones, but it can easily affect our health in the negative by putting most of our time under influence. It would be enough to look at the following research to better understand the seriousness of the damages caused by smartphones; “At the end of 2011, the International Telecommunication Union reported about 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions. This is the world-wide use of 86 phones of every 100 people. “With the development of technology, this number is increasing every day.

Now let’s list the harm that smartphones can give to people;

 1. Smart phones are causing traffic accidents as they are known. This is not only a problem for cars, but also for cars.

2nd. Smartphones pose risks to eye health. Excessive screen brightness and long time viewing of the screen is extremely harmful to the eye.

3. It exposes the body to radio waves. The long phone calls made have a negative effect on the human brain. Therefore, a low SAR phone should be purchased. (EVIL:
The levels of exposure to radio waves from mobile phones are defined as specific absorption rates. Measurement units are in watts per kilogram (w / kg) or (in watts per gram) Note: SAR values ​​can be obtained from telephone vendors.

4. Smartphones have a bigger impact on children. It is inconvenient to be exposed to radio waves for a long time. It can also cause disruption of school children.

5. Heart valves, monitors and machines in hospitals also cause electric systems to run erratically in the air.

What are the Causes of Smartphones? 6. In particular, it is important to remember that phones contain microbes. Let’s look at the following research to better understand the situation; Columbia University’s Environmental Health students tried to find out if they were living on mobile phones. While defending 60 phone cases of students, they found that the phones were contaminating with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
Columbia University School of Health Robert J. Wolff, “Staph aureus is always dangerous and MRSA forms are worse because they can not be stopped easily”

7. Spending more time on smartphones leads to sociological problems.The phones can also prevent people from breaking out of society and making people spend more time with each other as well as increasing interaction with each other.



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