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What Are Ways to Get Rid of Acne?

What Are Ways to Get Rid of Acne?



Young people, especially adolescent acne is one of the issues to be complaining much. But acne is not just adolescence, it may be the problem in future years.

Although it depends on the change of hormones during puberty causes of acne, stress also in the future, insomnia, acne is experienced due to factors such as an unhealthy diet.

usually long-term and many forbidden to get rid of acne in addition to drugs that are recommended. without resorting to a proposal by cildiye you should definitely use of such drugs.

Everyone’s skin is not the same structure as we know, and is fluent in written or drugs after certain tests. So I get rid of acne, but then you have to live worse than the influence of drugs.

But you can not have your acne at home with a few recipes to prepare yourself. Moreover, by virtue of being completely natural, it does not damage your skin and your skin even more guests.

You can follow the recipes in your home;

one. Follow your lemon and rose water spotty area you mix equal amounts of water and clean with After waiting half an hour. It will beautify your skin regularly also with the effect of rose water.

2nd. After you make tomato puree After waiting 1 hour acne flock to the area and wash off with water. Doing so will prevent the formation of acne by shrinking your pores.

3. Stir in 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon cinnamon. Apply the mixture on the pimples and wash after waiting a little dry.

4. Squeeze the lemon into two teaspoons of grated cucumber and mix. This mixture, rub it over the acne. Clear 10-15 minutes after washing.

There are several other issues that need your attention, except these natural methods.

First, the best way to fight against acne clean air and iodine tour. Vitamin E also fight acne also.

You should drink plenty of water because water cleanses the skin material.

Core, nuts, things like cigarettes and alcohol is damaging your skin. So you stay away from them, which will help you fight with acne.

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