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What causes the yellowing teeth?

What causes the yellowing teeth?



Everyone white teeth, whether bright smiles. Dental jaundice is the situation now has become a big problem for most people. Many people are admitted to the dentist to whiten your teeth. So what are the motives behind the yellowing of the teeth?

Of course, food and drink are the primary cause. Especially since some products are playing a greater role in the coloration of the external structure of the teeth. These; cigarettes, cola, coffee, tea, food and drink are as mulberry. Very acidic foods and drinks damage the tooth enamel because you stand as far as possible. Likewise it raises similar results in products containing caffeine.

Failure of not brushing regularly and maintenance of dental plaque leads to the creation of food and drinks on teeth that leads to decay with time and yellowing mAlArA. Just brushing your teeth in the morning or in the evening will not be enough to dental care. After each food intake should be careful when brushing your teeth.

Substances found in some medicines and mouthwash but also causes yellowing of the teeth. Antibiotics are also similarly can also lead to darkening of the teeth color. Therefore, care must be taken to use caution. These products cause the appearance of stains on the teeth causing tooth grinding.

Another reason is aging. With age, the enamel thinning occurs wear on the teeth. Next time external factors are the color of the teeth with a combination of physiological effects of aging will be seen further darkening.

Another cause of tooth jaundice inheritance that connects your arm to your hand. If each how healthy your teeth also can appear yellow if you’re a regular maintenance every day. The reason is that with heredity are weak tooth enamel. You can apply this method to get rid of the tooth whitening wraps studies.

One of the external factors that influenced the human begins in the womb. yellowing teeth can also begin from this moment.

The mother takes drugs, foods may cause the child’s teeth yellow. In these cases, the mother is also important for a child’s teeth whiteness and falls critical task.

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