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What colors make-up suits you?

What colors make-up suits you?



How to choose the color in makeup?

Hi, this week, you are most curious as the eye, I am referring to the issue of the makeup color selection according to your hair and skin color. As usual, I share beauty secrets. If you’re ready; Let’s start our beautiful journey!

Makeup hues is the basis of the makeover. Some defects can be hidden using colors so that the desired regions removable stand. Eyes misty weather may be. Lips may seem more attractive. Makeup is the main factor to choose the right shade.

Mainly people should choose colors according to skin color and hair color. Skin color should be chosen according to foundation and powder. Eye color is important to the proper makeup. Eye color highlighting colors should be preferred.

Eye color should not participate in the same tone with deep eyes with colors that can create contrast. Contrary to popular belief the same color and eye color are used eyeliner eyes fading, away from the attention.

While color choices makeup makeup day or night make-up is not an important factor. Intensive makeup in a simple day makeup makeup simple and natural colors should be used BEEN PERFORMED BEEN PERFORMED. Day to be compatible will be apparent in light colors should be sought in pastel tones.

Foundation and concealer should be taken to use. very different foundation or concealer on the skin color should not be used. brown eyes blue or green shades for eyes, green eyes, plum or pink tones, blue eyes, brown tones will be unpleasant, his eyes will stand out.

worthy shades of green brown eyes!
Lipstick day in the use of peach tones, gloss, pink color is appropriate. The darker tones used in night makeup. black eyes, anthracite draw attention to the eyes. The night’s blush is applied to get a little busier evident in the dim light.

Powder or foundation applied on the skin slightly velvety appearance are caught. It can be used as lipstick red lipstick at night. Or plum shades, shades of red, burgundy lipstick can be recommended.

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