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What is 3D vaser liposuction? Information about

What is 3D vaser liposuction? Information about



3D VASER liposuction is the process of removing excess oil from various parts of the body by ultrasonic method.

With this technique applied with ultrasonic sound system, the excess oil in the body is dismissed and dismissed. It has an advanced technology with permanent and effective results.

What are the main advantages of 3D VASER technology?

Compared to conventional liposuction techniques, it provides more sensitive, more effective treatment and faster recovery times. During application minimally invasive, ie minimal cuts are applied. It offers much more body shaping and skin retraction than conventional liposuction techniques. It also helps to minimize the risks of complications such as bruising, bleeding and tissue trauma which are frequently seen in other liposuction techniques. While classical liposuction techniques can sometimes cause skin sagging, 3D VASER technique stimulates skin collagen production and tightens the skin of the patient. It is also used not only in the areas of the body but also in smoothing the skin in sensitive areas such as the arms and neck. Increases the muscle’s clarity. Allows transfer of oil.

How long does the 3D VASER technique last?

The 3D VASER technique can take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of areas to be applied. According to the situation, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for 7 to 24 hours. The larger the treatment area, the greater the success rate. After treatment, the patient may need to wear special tightening clothing for 2 to 4 weeks. The cuts opened during the process are usually 4mm long and become invisible in about 1 year.

How to prepare 3D VASER application?

The ECG and all laboratory tests must be performed before the operation, to check the condition of the fat to be tapped and the suitability of the patient, and it must be examined through anxiety and anesthesiologist control. On the day of surgery, the patient should be informed in detail about eating and drinking and other issues that need attention.

How is anesthesia used in 3D VASER technique?

The use of anesthesia will vary according to the areas where the liposuction procedure will be performed. For small amounts of fatty tissue to be taken from smaller regions, operation is usually performed under local anesthesia. If a larger area is to receive a large amount of fat tissue, the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

How to make 3D VASER application?

In the 3D VASER operation, the patient’s high-resolution photographs are used to determine the parts to be treated and the amount of oil to be taken with 3D special programs. Special planning is done on the areas to be processed. Then a few millimeter cuts in the region are opened, fluid is applied to the adipose tissue area to soften the fat texture, followed by ultrasonic sound application to break up the fat. Finally, the oils that are broken up by the liposuction method with special cannulas are removed by vacuum.

What is the healing process after liposuction?

Apart from a few days of bed rest, you should stay away from making movements that require high physical effort over a period of two weeks. Apart from that, it can continue without ever having to take a break from daily life.

With which region is the liposuction applied with 3D VASER technique?

Surgeons can adapt the VASER lipo technique to all areas of enlargement in the area and volume of the body. Typical applications are abdomen, hip, waist, thigh, back, arm, male and female breasts, food, face and jaw.

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