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What is Brief? | What does a Brief File do?

What is Brief? | What does a Brief File do?



If we want professional support in the advertising work we plan for our brand or products, we contact an advertising agency or brand consultant, right? And how much does an outsider know about us? At this point, the third company that needs to effectively create ad content. the most important tool that allows the party to recognize us is our brief file. Brief literally means “self-definition.” Therefore, a brand that wants to budget for advertising work must first summarize themselves and their expectations with the brief file.

For example: We have a business that produces women’s socks. We want to attract attention in related advertising channels by brand awareness or direct product promotion. Digital media expert Ozkan knocked on the brain door and we want to get an idea from him. Digital media, advertising, marketing expert Ozkan brain the first thing he wants from us is our brief file.

As you can appreciate, Mr. Ozkan has never been interested in women’s socks and may be completely French in this sector.

-But this does not mean that Ozkan brain is not a good ad text writer or can’t manage your advertising budget efficiently. Because Mr. Ozkan is an expert in digital marketing.

So with your brief file, you can send your job and requests to Mr. Ozkan as follows:

Example Brief

  1. Brand/business or the purpose of your project?
  2. To whom/to whom do you address (your audience)?
  3. Features and benefits?
  4. Your traditional marketing plans?
  5. Your target market?
  6. Your corporate identity, your corporate communication preferences?
  7. What apps do you get from your nearest competitors, competitors you’re aiming to get ahead of, or apps you’re dissslewith from your competitors?
  8. Summary of the message you want to give?
  9. How do you aim to position your brand?
  10. Is your slogan clear or a summary of the message that should be left in mind with the slogan?
  11. Your time and budget plan?

The questions that need to be answered in the sample brief file are as above. These definitions can be similarly duplicated or abbreviated. (Depending on the product/service to be marketed)

Need to summarize:

Brief is the most important tool for setting an accurate strategy by summarizing your business-expectations to the expert side in market-advertising.

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