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What is illusion?

What is illusion?



What if the illusion will be announced shortly, we perceive the visual mismatch is the objective reality of the situation. other name of illusion optical illusions passed, as it is also referred to as a visual illusion in some sources. The information collected and processed through the eye Normally, when matched to the physical size makes the stimulus source working normally illusion of perception disorder occurs.

When the eyes of the normal operation function, the process in the second frame image capture 25 to 30 and this is known to transmit images to the brain immediately. This transmission is so fast, the images we see constantly is in motion; In our opinion not to live a wrong position and to capture every moment everything is enabling us to fall for the impression.

The illusion causes

common opinion of experts in seeing the point where the perception of things not seen were the main point of view and ideas. To understand exactly what that object seen is a complex brain functions. In some cases when the reflection of light, or when the error condition occurred in the case of eyesight mix of colors illusions can occur.
If no visual impairment in a person’s eyes and can be fulfilled in a healthy way visual function normally, colors kapınıl be normal to the feeling of seeing something that is not there if the distance gaze to be mingled when a place in a light reflection occurs. As a result, visual illusions, healthy working eyes momentarily viewed point, it is an illusion that it can vary depending on ambient conditions and current conditions.

Look, the illusion of moving

In particular, we can afford to cheating often encounter images in the Internet environment, are not building another feature of the visual tricks. However, individuals in respect of which it is said that although not with a lot of these visual appeal also to look quite tasteful and amazing visuals is consensus.

Besides such an illusion that it is possible to talk about the physiological illusion. I’m extremely bright lights of a visual hosting, overly long and have different patterns; location from different angles, different in terms of movement, different in terms of color; When the stimulus created by briefly open the eyes of familiar classic images that much different from a situation faced thick it is possible to talk about the physiological illusion.

In such cases, viewed any surface or not detected at first glance, the patterns on the object of attention and perception to distribute such as brightness, can not be solved at first glance perceived inability or ability to move color cases both eyes on both automatically review of brain on the extreme challenge to create that perception disorder inevitably It is sealed.

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