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What is Jet Lag? How to Pass?

What is Jet Lag? How to Pass?



Jet lag, jet syndrome, fatigue, a condition also known as the time change syndrome or concurrent disorders name. Everyone has a biological clock, and lived in a pattern for 24 hours. In the most basic sense jet lag is due to the difference in time between rhythm disorder where you travel with your location.

This disorder usually seen more in people traveling eastward. The reason for the increase in the eastward a day in time, and thus reached the point there is less than 24 hours. Daylight and darkness condition that affects this syndrome.

Jet lag can be characterized as a struggle between the biological clock and the body. The body of biological, psychological and behavior are releasing a rhythm. Biological clock is regulated by the hormone melatonin, to enter this scheme may take some time.

Travel in the body vacillates results in every sense. Think of it like when you go on the road 08:35 hours, at the point that you have to get is 12:35. If your clock still shows where you came from, 19:35! At first glance, not a problem you can not sleep in your sleep time in the process progresses, the starting point may seem, can not eat, or feel that way.

If you are also a short trip if you can spend trying to overcome the effects of jet lag on the entire trip! Jet lag time every day of people who regularly affects much more with the elderly and chronic disease. Four hours in the zone from the traveling distance will make much difference in the effects of jet lag, is more common.

Symptoms of jet lag?

If the time difference as a result of your trip if you go to a place where a lot of depression, headaches, eating and sleeping pattern disturbances and fatigue, problems with the digestive system, loss of appetite, you’re experiencing the jet syndrome if you experience the tension status means.

How to Pass Jet Lag?

The most important condition is to work out this syndrome is a nightmare for the love to travel is to live according to their destination. So eat there regardless of the time difference, study, sleep time as you follow the routine can overcome this disorder more easily. Heart disease, diabetes, your blood disorders such as persistent, you should consult your doctor about what you can do before your trip, if any. Your routine a few days before your trip, you can try learning the clock state prior to fitting it.

The travel time before and should pay attention to alcohol and caffeine consumption, you should drink plenty of water. wear comfortable clothing, if possible, during the journey to navigate and move your body relax. Some people in order to reduce the impact of the syndrome is a sleep medication, but this is hardly a recommended way.

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