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What is Language Development and What are the Language Development Stages of...

What is Language Development and What are the Language Development Stages of the Child?



What is language development? One aspect is related to cognitive development. The other aspect is related to physical development and psychomotor maturation. Babies express themselves by crying and aggression in the first months after birth. Researchers observed that crying and aggression observed in the first months were reactive behaviors and not related to native language learning. The researchers found that between 5 and 6. During the months, soft-tone crying observed thickening of the sounds of aggression. This period of sound karting is defined as the babbling phase. Studies have shown that the sounds made in the baboon are maturation-free, maturation behaviors without learning the mother tongue. During these months, maturation product sound change is observed based on the growth and strengthening of the larynx muscles. What is language development? it is the development of other areas of development of human beings with the changes in the vocal cords since the birth of man.

What is language development

Language Development Stages

What is language development? It is a development area that follows a parallel course with other areas of development of the person and is connected. At this point there are stages of language development. These phases are as follows:

7th and 12th. Between months, babies make syllables such as ma-ma-ma. These sounds are the first learning product to be connected to the mother tongue.
Around the months, babies say their first meaningful words. It expresses itself in simple words such as parent-mama-duet. This period is defined as a critical phase in language development. It is also defined as the period of morgem because it is based on an effort to describe more than one thing in one word. When the baby says mother, her facial expression tries to express broader meanings, such as taking me around with the mother with hand gestures.

18th and 24th. It is defined as a telegraphic conversation phase between months. During this period, babies speak in a structure consisting of two or three words. However, words do not have attachments or conjunctions. The mother ball is a form of expression, such as the father gel, which is usually the lean state of the subject and the infinitive. This form of expression is defined by this name because it is likened to short telegraph correspondence.

It is defined as the first grammar process between the ages of 2-5 years. Two basic developments are observed in the first grammar process. First, the vocabulary reaches the fastest rate of increase in life. At the age of 2, the child with around 100-200 vocabulary can use approximately 2,000 different words at the age of 5. secondly, at the age of 2, a child in a telegraphic speech pattern has a speech pattern that is suitable for the general grammatical structure of the mother tongue at the age of 5. Uses attachments, phrases, conjunctions actively in the right place.

So what is language development? It is a development area consisting of phases and following an advanced course over time. Language development occurs in every person at approximately the same age. What is language development? it can also follow a course that can vary from person to person. However, sooner or later language development follows a forward course.

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