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What is reality therapy and what are their aims?

What is reality therapy and what are their aims?



What is reality therapy? It has been developed by William Glasser for individuals to make choices and control their behavior in new and difficult situations they often face in their lives. Reality therapy assumes that individuals are responsible for their lives and for what they do, feel and think. What is reality therapy? It covers a wide range of applications that can be applied to individuals with all kinds of psychological problems. The most popular application areas of reality therapy are schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, youth centers and prisons. There is a belief in the positive nature of people in reality therapy. But people can be altruistic, forgiving, loving and productive, but at the same time they can be deceiving, misleading and confused. Our behavior towards others may be shy, unstable, and terrible.

What are the aims of reality therapy?
What is reality therapy? It is an approach that emphasizes human choice and responsibility. Everything that is done is primarily a choice. He has to bear the responsibility of elections in human beings. The important point here is the human selection process. The basis of psychotherapy is to direct the individual to meaningful activities. In reality therapy, the therapist must be completely himself. As with some psychotherapy methods, the role of mother and father is not assumed. So a transferance is absolutely out of the question. In reality therapy, the time is entirely focused. Although some problems are caused by the past, we cannot change our history. Therefore, stuck in the past does not carry us forward. What is reality therapy? Negative feelings and thoughts are tried to be avoided. These symptoms are defenses that defer confrontation with the real problem. The important thing is to destroy the unmet base.

Apart from all these, according to reality therapy, human needs five.

Love liking
Power and freedom
These needs are the innate and universal needs for man. These are the reasons underlying human behavior. These needs are defined as the basic elements that direct human behavior. When the individual is born, he does not know his basic needs and how to meet them. He recognizes them in life. It learns how to best meet your needs.

What is reality therapy? It is the opinion that every human behavior is done through selection and responsibility. At the same time, each person’s behavior is directed towards meeting a certain need.

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