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What is the Aare River, where it is, what are its characteristics?

What is the Aare River, where it is, what are its characteristics?



both properties in Switzerland and which has an important place with the use of the river Aare, starting from the east foothills of the Bernese Alps arises from the Grimsel. From there, it manages to reach the Northwest Creed Berne. The measured length of 295 km of the river Aare, meet with both the right and the Rhein River flows northward by both left arms.

Of snow and ice in the Bernese Alps, constantly fed the Aare river with plenty of rain in the Jura mountains, in terms of water is quite abundant. the regime is quite properly because he was born until he reaches the place where many go into the lake

Economic Contribution quite large

Late that when viewed in terms of regions considered to be among the major cities in Bern, Switzerland, who handles Kuzera and Aare River in Zurich, is also important because of its contribution to economic life. Five in Switzerland in terms of area covering both the Aare River, the surrounding villages and towns also deliver water. Providing important contributions to urban life on this river power plants has also considered important.

Aare River Cultural History

Since the Middle Ages a significant limits in terms of the use and quite functional look of the Aare River, then on duty saw a border between Christians Bungundili and Alemanni tribe. Over time the fate of the river, along with the establishment of Berne changed completely and dominated areas also grew steadily. First time on timber transport river began to be made once the power plants.

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