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What is the Sense of Personnel Belonging, How Does It Develop?

What is the Sense of Personnel Belonging, How Does It Develop?



Staff Sense of Belonging: Every living thing, including plants and animals, is happy in the environment in which it belongs. Right! Now let’s change that sentence: Every person feels that they belong in the environment in which they are happy. That’s also true!

Therefore, the feeling of belonging to the environment of man depends on being happy and healthy just like other living things. Happy staff love their job and productivity increases. A sense of personnel belonging is an important factor affecting production and profitability.

From this point of view, we can see very clearly that a workplace needs to develop personnel belonging as much as it needs technical equipment, technology and workforce to increase production. Although the sense of belonging to personnel is being watched with great importance by a very small percentage of employers, this article is a masterpiece for workers, employers or managers who wish to add added value to their organization regarding personnel belonging.

1- Managing and Managed relationship, Power of Communication

Even the lowest level must be in communication with the person at the top of the hierarchical table. This communication can be provided directly or by various tools or agents. it should be noted that everyone who works in the workplace has an important role to play in the realization of the work. The boss’s requests must be properly conveyed to the workers by the managers. In the same way, the expectations and wishes of the workers should be conveyed in a manner in accordance with the upper management. Also, it’s not like a soldier in the military communicating with the rank; a soft communication model should prevail.

2- Initiative Competence Is An Important Factor for Staff Belonging

Although not possible for every line of business, one of the most important factors that develops a sense of belonging in the personnel is to have the authority to take the initiative. The task of human resources in this regard is to evaluate the candidates who are capable of taking initiative in recruitment. On behalf of the institution it represents, the people who can take the initiative by taking care of the interests of the institution consider themselves part of that institution. In a situation like this, the business is not the boss’s job, but the perception of “our business”. A staff member who can say “our job” has no trouble feeling like he belongs to the institution.

3- Premium or Earnings Distribution Should Be Fair

Even if people do what they love with their friends, the purpose of the job is to make money. Sensitive issues such as imbalances in income distribution and low earnings are never tolerated. Staff may feel compelled to work because of living conditions, but they do not feel compelled to love the institution or to add all its dedication to the institution. If you’ve been unfair about the distribution of earnings but the staff don’t speak up, you should know that you’ve only rented a certain amount of time and a certain amount of work. You’ll never see their efforts and dedication, whose upper limits are uncertain. If you wish to see this, you need to be perfect at the distribution of earnings. For a sense of personnel belonging, the belief that the firm is not unfair must prevail. people cannot tolerate people who use themselves in their social life as well as in their work life; they can’t see themselves as friendly friends of those people.

4- Performance Evaluation Must Be Correct

When people do something good, they believe that it’s a reward, that it should be. Likewise, they know that bad deeds will be punishable or suffered. In fact, all religious books mean that. Therefore, your staff will always wait for the reward of being good. to be good at your job, to be better than others, to be good according to a certain criteria… In the end, you should provide in-house career opportunities and promotion and responsibilities to the personnel that you think are good. Otherwise, the staff will think, “I’m trying so hard, but what’s changing? I’m always in my position. Why am I stressing myself out instead of performing standard?”

5- Appreciation, Positive Motivation

What is the Sense of Personnel Belonging, How Does It Develop?

Prizes with financial equivalents alone are not enough. People also need spiritual rewards. Although the red ribbon that was caught on our collar during elementary school years has no benefit to our report card, diploma score or material interests, we have always been happy to have that ribbon. It doesn’t change in adulthood. People expect their success to be appreciated. The staff, who are waiting to be praised for good work and to speak out well of themselves, are happy as long as they can meet their expectations. Isn’t the purpose of belonging also a happy working environment?

6- Social Activities Should Be Done

people’s share with each other should be increased so that the workplace is not only viewed as a production facility. Sharing time and energy, doing things together creates a sense of belonging, just like family and relative relationships. Joint activities that cater to the majority of staff such as various sporting events, food events and cultural and artistic events should be planned. Such organizations support intra-company communication, so they are not able to create a 1.5-year-high network. it is also in contact with matter.

What is the Sense of Personnel Belonging, How Does It Develop?

7- Should not be double standard, trust should be given

Like everything else, people want to feel safe about business. One of the essential issues for personnel belonging is trust. It is almost impossible for a staff member who works at any moment for fear of being fired or for fear of nepotism to feel like they belong to that institution. The lack of double standards among employees is very important both in terms of business ethics and for the healthier conduct of jobs. Employees who are concerned that salaries will not be paid, delayed, that various rights cannot be obtained and that their financial and moral interests cannot be protected, do not have a sense of belonging and regard their work as temporary work.


I tried to answer the question of how the staff develops a sense of belonging under 7 articles. When you examine the answers, we see the positive impact of providing personnel belonging on production. Although employers have to make various sacrifices to provide a sense of belonging to staff, they should not even be considered a sacrifice because what is actually done will serve their own interests. These 7 items are the items that should already be for the right job. I’m reminding you again:

What is the Sense of Personnel Belonging, How Does It Develop?

  1. Managing and Managed relationship, Power of Communication
  2. Initiative Acquisition Competence
  3. Premium or Earnings Distribution Should Be Fair
  4. Performance Evaluation Must Be Accurate
  5. Appreciation, Positive Motivation
  6. Social Activities Should Be Done
  7. Should not be double standard, must be trusted
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