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What should be consumed for a flawless skin?

What should be consumed for a flawless skin?



Healthy and proper maintenance of the way of having a beautiful complexion and skin type is through proper nutrition. Get all the nutrients of the skin and the amount of fluid consumed during the day plays a big role in helping a flawless look.

Experts gave information about food should be consumed to maintain skin health.

A, E and C, important for skin of Vitam’In

Vitamin A; tissues, providing a healthy skin, and has a feature that enhances the immune system. Carrots are a rich source of the vitamin. Vitamin E is especially green leafy vegetables; quick healing of wounds, prevention of the symptoms on the skin’s aging is brighter than the skin and the important contribution vardır.c vitamin connective tissue to alleviate wrinkles with the supporting feature helps to attain a brighter appearance of the skin.

Furthermore, as is also highly effective on hair and nail health. Vitamin C is a powerful repository of lemon, a food should be consumed for skin health and brightness.

Broccoli, celery, artichokes and benefit from the power

dietary fiber consumption for skin health should be increased. Fibrous foods, the elimination of toxins in the body and helps remove. Broccoli, artichokes and celery are the most important help in this regard. Broccoli keeps the skin supple and youthful. For this cooked broccoli it can be consumed several times a week. Vitamin K in the celery is to support a healthy blood circulation while.

Broccoli is an important source of damaged skin protection from the sun. An artichoke meets almost 25-30 percent of daily fiber needs. Artichoke inflammation in the body and is an antioxidant that reduces redness.

strong hair and nails with almonds and walnuts

Zinc prevents premature aging of the skin and muscle. Beautifies the skin by promoting cell renewal, strengthens the nails and prevents hair loss. zinc which the body needs, roasted walnuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits such as almonds in, is in dry beans and red meat. Dried fruits are not salted, who preferred to see the un-fried and process is important.

The secret to a healthy appearance kefir

Kefir skin beauty and brightness are the positive effects. Lubricate the skin and prevents dandruff, it strengthens hair. There are a number of bacteria and yeast in kefir. It is causing a number of reactions in the intestine makes it much more healthy skin by regulating digestion. Skin daily with a glass of kefir consumption provides a healthy and radiant.

To deprive the cildiniz to delay aging

One of the most important out of all the beneficial nutrients for the skin is enough water resources consumption. Anhydrous remaining in the body dry skin and wrinkles begin to emerge more easily. Consume 2.5 liters of water every day is important for skin health. 1 cup of green tea drinking, as well as the day is recommended for healthy skin.

dark chocolate for a smooth appearance

Bitter has flavonoids and antioxidants on the content of the chocolate. These substances are protective against sun damage and skin friendly. Bitter cocoa in the chocolate increases the amount of blood to the skin, arteries expand and provide more healthy looking skin. Bitter consumption of cocoa and chocolate ratio must be considered to be about 70 percent.

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