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What to do for tired eyes?

What to do for tired eyes?



Use cucumber slices

to have live view, you can make the eye area of ​​the herbal solution to resolve the problem. One of our mothers cucumber eye care beauty secrets will help you as well. Place the cucumber slices you close your eyes and you will refresh your eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Practical information: Apply cucumber slices and then wait a few minutes in the freezer, your eyes will be revitalized immediately.

Try green tea bags

Even in bags of green tea you drink to maintain form useful! Do not discard the tea bags by the use of eye care. With proper care green tea bags and custody will be a great solution for blacking out.

Use eye care cream

Our eye which has the thinnest skin on our body is one of our region requiring the most care. Every morning and every evening our skin type and is useful to take our eyes on our age appropriate eye cream. In this way, problems can be solved largely tired eyes.

Visualize with ice water

It is easy to revive tired eyes with ice water. Eye wash your delicate received under the eyes of ice water or ice wrapped in cloth with a thin gently show you the recovery and bags under your eyes will help lower your eyes to regain a more youthful appearance.

The improved with regular sleep

Of course we do not want to sleep in a regular degree intense pace of life, but it’s a good habit to sleep between 6-8 hours of uninterrupted day as edinebilirsiniz.h weakens our most visible in our body. Our eyes in a completely dark room to attain true health we must pay attention to sleep as much as we need daily. Note that self-renew in our bodies the best sleep!

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