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What you need to do for a long and healthy eyelashes

What you need to do for a long and healthy eyelashes



Every woman’s dream is to have a long and lush lashes. We are sure that women who do not want to even get much makeup with long lashes. There is no doubt that changes are long eyelashes and provides deeper insight and perspective.

That will reveal your eyes and long eyelashes that you need to do to have the lush …

– Never wipe the sleep from your makeup. In the long term to sleep without erasing your makeup causes loss of eyelashes.

– Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes before bed. So your lashes and stays moist and healthy as well.

– Olive oil, vitamin E oil and apply castor oil to your eyelashes with the help of natural oils, such as an ear bar.

– Mix equal amount of egg whites and castor oil and apply this mixture on your eyelashes with the help of a cotton swab. If you make this application on a regular basis you can have stronger eyelashes.

– Avoid products with curling lashes. These products can damage your lashes.

– Eat a healthy diet. Biotin deficiency leads to early and rapid loss of eyelashes.

cauliflower to meet the needs of Biot, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, eat foods such as legumes and mushrooms absolute.

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