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Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali



Mali is a country that attracts attention with its wild nature and safari tours. The capital of the country west of the African continent is Bamako. Many people from different ethnic backgrounds live in the country.

Places to Visit in Mali – Mali Where; A country in West Africa is surrounded by Mali, Senegal in the west, Upper Volta and Nigeria in the east, Algeria in the north, Mauritania in the northwest, Guinea in the southwest, and Ivory Coast in the south.

Where to Visit in Mali – Mali Where
The capital city of Bamako, which has an extremely large territory with an area of 1,240,192 square kilometers, is the capital city.


Malin Population

The population of the country is composed of 14,517,176 people according to 2009 data. 40 per cent of the country’s population is the ethnic group called Bambara. Other ethnic groups are Dogon, Moorlar, Fulbe and Senufodur.

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

Important Financial Cities

Bamako: It is the capital and largest city of the country. It has a population of 1.690.471 people. Established along the Niger River, the city is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The city which draws attention with its nature has a very favorable structure.

Timbuktu: one of Mali’s most historic cities. The city, which draws attention with its unique architecture, is famous for its Islamic researches.

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

Financial Religion and Spoken Language

90 percent of Mali is made up of Muslims. 9 per cent of the population has local beliefs, and Christians make up only 1 per cent of the population. The official language of the country is French. However, the people prefer the local language called Bambaraca. 80 percent of the population uses this language. Local tribal languages ​​are also spoken among the public.

Financial Climate / When to Go

There are two types of climate in the country. The tropical climate to the south of the country is dominant and has a very temperate structure. There is a lot of rainfall in this region that stretches through the forests. To the north of the country there is a desert climate and an extremely dry air is shown. It is the best time to visit the country between November and February. Because in these months moisture and temperatures are falling.

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

Financial Attractions

There are many places to visit in Mali. Bamako botanical garden is one of these places. Medina Market can also be visited as a place of activity in a fast way of commercial life. Bandiagara The place called Falezi, which has many cavities, is one of the places to visit. You can go to the Dogon Villagers and look closely at the tribal life there. The different architectural style of the country attracts tourists. Glass, houses and buildings made of mud form an extremely interesting image. You can also go up to Point G Hill and watch the capital’s bird’s eye view.

Mali Historical Places

There are historical places in the country. The first of these is the Djenne Mosque, which was preserved by Unesco and made of mud-brick. At the same time, 50,000 people can perform prayer and this resembles a large castle made of cloth. The historical Sankore Madrasah is also one of the places to be seen. Muso Kunda Museum, National Museum and other important historical sites are also located.

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

Financial Night Life

The night life in the country is generally active two days a week. Friday and Saturday nights You can listen to music at The Evasion Jazz Club. Another venue for live music is the Hippo d’Or. Nightlife is extremely cheap and prices are not high.

Financial What To Eat / What To Drink

The Mali cuisine, based on fish and meat, has extremely delicious food. In the country where the peppercorn sauce is widely used, the grilled chicken must be tried. Couscous, vegetables and meat cooked in a tomato sauce are among the most preferred dishes. Seabass is definitely a must try in countries where fish dishes are very popular. The Mali Plate served in the casserole, on the grill or in the fried is also very delicious.

Where is Mali? Places to See in Mali

How to Get Financial

There are no direct flights from Turkey. You can reach the destination country, which has 14 hours of turnaround.

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