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Where Is The Coliseum?

Where Is The Coliseum?



The Coliseum; (original name Collesseum) or Flavianus Amphitheater, Italy, the capital of a Roman amphitheatre. One of the world’s largest known amphitheatre after the ancient monument construction is situated in the 80 ‘s over. The height of the outer wall of the structure that is a little less than 50 metres from the perimeter of the size as there is not much information.

At the bottom of the Gladiator or the structure of wild animals were brought to the arena is the top-tier roads, an amphitheater property. Reconnect at the thousands of animal sacrifices and commemorative coins issued as position of doing literally in the center of Rome (in your heart). Unlike Greek, classical-style amphitheater on a lean and free-standing structure but also in terms of Roman architecture and engineering is one of the most magnificent building revelations.

The purpose of the public or period-to-period be made Emperor entertained the monument commonly gladiator fights. Public performances, imitations, executions, battle animations, symbolic animal hunts have been used for building is a symbol of the Roman Empire has been the place that attracts the most tourists. It is also used as a religious centre period launched by the Pope, the Holy Cross is the starting point of the path.

An estimated 50 to 80 thousand in order to accommodate a capacity audience across built almost two thousand years, although quite challenging periods to survive. 200 big fires in exposed and undergoing repair important stages, referring to the end of the early 1700 doing literally has maintained its integrity. 1800 and 1900, a total of five times in various maintenance and restoration of the monument has been raised several projects for recovery purposes. Memorial for finally scheduled for renewal in 2011, is designed to repair and maintenance plan.

Where Is The Coliseum?

People of historical cycles in the period-to-period on the grounds that the Emperor alıştırdığı laziness by the Catholic Church by the Holy due to be counted, and sometimes officials by maintenance and repair reasons was closed to visitors. Today, some great artists by concert as a place that can be granted, but not the State doing this Eid. At the same time, how the presence of various opinions about the structure of a plant in some parts of the dozens of different types of plants. Every year thousands of people visited by spectrum and structure of historical value is very high.

No longer a cultural element, which has the status of a large number of movie making, some songs, and has been the subject of several video game. As the topic is the most widely known in films associated with the doing is the busiest of the Gladiator movie. Film review by certain people at certain stages of the room for and very high-rate on the basis of information obtained through a simulation was created and obtained an estimated 180 50s image of the structure. In the film historically is the name that comes to mind when gladiator fights Maximus 180 in this arena is fighting simulation thanks to türülmüş.

But nowadays, a large part of the structure was destroyed and scattered stones, some of the stone is stolen by tourists spool memory of enthusiast. in the 1980s the structure, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Italy’s most important historical venues where Italy also pressed on the 5-cent coin.

Structure at the same time at the end of 1940 Italy also removed the effect of the death penalty has been an international symbol of the campaign. In doing some stadiums, libraries, lounges and theaters have been a source of inspiration and these structures plans made this giant monument modeled on the plan entirely. This historical monument built by Switzerland in 2007 as a result of a vote a organizations new seven wonders of the world from someone.

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