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White Russia (Belarus) Info

White Russia (Belarus) Info



White Russia also known with the name “Belarus”, the official name is the Republic of Belarus, a former Soviet Union country. Belarus, located on the Northeast part of Europe. The State capital is the city of Minsk. Belarus ‘ neighbors, Poland to the West, North-West, Lithuania, Latvia, in the North East, Russia Federation and Ukraine in the South countries.

White Russia, in 1991, after the Soviet Union has declared its independence. Every day, the liberal economic system and kapital sauce world order the death penalty in Europe, White & video page Russia is the only country that implements the feature. The ancestors of the people of White Russia, 6. and 8. between the centuries, today’s Ukraine and Poland are Taken from tribes of the territory. These peoples, the current territory of White Russia. Then, already is Finnish in this land – a number of Baltic origin tribes of Phc and slavlaştırmışlardır over time. In this way, the result is actual policy of assimilation.

White Russia (Belarus) Info  Although a historical and cultural base, 19. century as a country and also White Russia that there is no country-based management. Russia Federation, Western countries will be able to see their own country with a buffer between Russia and established the administration of the White. This process then, after the SOVIET UNION fell apart, white has declared independence from Russia. Nowadays, White Russia, the Russia Federation’s closest ally.

White Russia, each wrapped in various countries, as well as due to the fact that topraklarınca, there is no any sea coast. Territory is vast, marshy lands. White Russia’s territory, approximately 40% are estimated to be a section of forest plots. White Russia, 11,000 pieces with the Lake and several rivers, is very rich in terms of water supply. Three major rivers, the land of White Russia. Neman, the Pripyat and Dnieper rivers rivers.

White Russia (Belarus) Info  The highest peak in White Russia, 345 m high Dzyarjınskaya Hill. The average altitude of White Russia, 160 meters in height. Winters are harsh and cold, summers are generally cool and moist. In winter the average temperature-6 degrees, while in the summer it averages 18 degrees.

Examined the demographic sense, White Russia, approximately 82% of the total population of ethnic Belarusians. The rest of the population is Russian, P olonya and Ukrainian. There are two official languages used in White Russia. These languages, Russian and Belarusian. White Russia population of about 10 million people. The total population is about 72% lives in urban areas, a part of the continuing. The country’s capital and largest city is in Minsk population, approximately 2 million.


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