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Who is Roman Empress Theodora?

Who is Roman Empress Theodora?



Roman Empress Theodora; 1.Jüstinyen’s, is equally known by Nika riots. Theodore, sexuality by some Roman historians and seen as a symbol of passion; as it has been described by some as a powerful image of a magnificent fight there is.

Theodora Youth
Justinian and Theodora
Theodora and Justinian’s icon in the Hagia Sophia Museum

Theodora did not find the definitive source of information on the youth. As far as his father was a naval officer, his mother a pagan priestess. There is information that the three brothers. when she lost her father at a young age by his mother and stepfather to marry someone else wants to earn money from children.

Theodore started to work in this way in the circus. According to some Roman historian uses her sexuality even prostitutes. An anecdote: the dancers, he was trying to Pornak the streets where the actors. You know the word is said to be derived here. Anyway … After all the rumors although he lived until he married a casual sex marriage but also highlighted as a loyal wife.

Theodore this period he met the future emperor Flavius ​​Petrus Sabbatius Justinian and Justinian will begin to experience love. Emperor Justin’s uncle, who is an officer in the army of private guards Justinian, the gift, even a mansion itself.

Justinian and Theodora’s Wedding
Theodora Justinian’s wearing purple cloak with the change of life. In fact, according to Roman law of an emperor, Justinian could marry with one non-noble, but were eliminated by removing this barrier a special law.

Thus, at a ceremony held in Hagia Sophia Church are married Justinian and Theodora. courtesan dancers of the fair, not only happens to all of Rome’s most important women in Constantinople. After this marriage Justinian, because of his wife 14 years younger than he earns the hatred of the aristocracy Istanbul. Because now the ceremony would have to kiss her feet down from the layer they despise …

Theodore very short period of time as opposed to a lower-class people by adapting to palace life, the nobleman would adopt an identical manner protocol.

Theodore and Nike Uprising
Empress Theodora, as I mentioned in my article called Nika revolt, who is about to leave Constantinople

Theodore and Mahiyeti
Together with the Empress Theodora Mahiyeti

She persuades her husband, Justinian with these words: “Justinian, you can leave Constantinople without any problems. Sea right there. Ships ready enough with your money. But if you leave the country you live in exile in one of the days you will ask yourself this question: What if I had? I’m not going anywhere. I believe, should bear wearing a purple once more the imperial cloak. When people stop me to say empress, life’s not meant for me. ”

this powerful woman who speaks contrary to all the traditions of men across the council board is finished by saying: “I have always believed in the old adage: you get purple cloak my shroud!”

As is known, he decided to quell the rebellion, Justinian, and then these words to 30,000 people poured full of blood. According to some carnage only it occurred because of a woman’s greed for power. For the meaning of his life, ended in another life …

Patron of the poor and women’s Empress Theodora
Even though 14 years younger Theodore, dies before the wife. Justinian then does not want to marry another woman. Despite the historians and the public was thinking of bureaucrats is a true philanthropist.

Theodora and Justinian
Roman Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora

Because of the difficulties experienced by women and the poor has increased with the youth at all times. Women privileges recognition, to go with orphans and the poor are constantly encouraged her husband to feed. Even mansion given to him by Justinian turned it into a convent and is described as a bad way to have fallen out with women here.

Even 5 years ago today was built on the Great St. Sophia Church in Bacchus said Sergios Little Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Similarities with Hürrem
I Hürrem Haseki Roman Empress Theodora and their experiences with each other, I compare a little. Namely:

It both passed in youth poverty.
Both were married at a young age with the greatest rulers themselves.
The two ladies were always discussed by the historians (power ambitions, interests in death, etc.).
Different periods have also increased, though women and the poor, they do charity work.
And both Theodore and Hürrem, lived in Istanbul.
NOTE: Marriage ceremony 2. It was held in Hagia Sophia. Nike instead of the current lights up in rebellion 3. Built Hagia Sophia.

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