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Who is the Tallest Man in the world and and how many...

Who is the Tallest Man in the world and and how many meters?



The longest man in the world

According to the book of Guiness records, the longest man in the world was chosen from Turkish sultan Sultan Kösen. The Sultan who came to the world in 1982 in Mardin is a body that looks bodily due to a tumor that secretes the overgrowth hormone in his body.

The Sultan is 2 meters 51 cm tall and has 2 more titles besides being the tallest man. 27.5 centimeters of the world’s largest hands and 36.5 centimeters of the world’s largest feet. Thus, the world’s longest, largest hand and foot records belong to Sultan Kösen.

Life and daily life of the world’s tallest man

The Sultan who grew up in a family of 7 people; Began to flare up from very young ages and this cut off his education life at half due to a health problem for him and he had been engaged in farming for many years in Mardin. Recently he went to America for treatment, and his prolongation was stopped after the treatment period.

If this treatment is not available, it is said that the neck may grow up to 5 meters. The Sultan, struggling to make many habits in his daily life, can not walk without armchairs; It also suffers from too much trouble in terms of clothes.

As long as the Sultan with a foot number of 60 does not find a sponsor for him, it is impossible to find a proper footwear for his foot. Apart from this, all of the clothes must be custom sewing, because the leg length of the Sultan is 1.5 meters.

When going out, the Sultan is very difficult to fit in cars and dolmuses while going from one place to another. The Sultan is waiting for the state to give a cordless chair suitable for his own size.

Who is the Tallest Man in the world and and how many meters?

Despite all these challenging life conditions, Graduated from open education and graduated from diploma, documented abroad, Sultan, and in 2013 married to a young woman named Merve Dibo.

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