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WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons



Create your own forum with WordPress’s best forums and question-answer plugins

I think that forums are the best way for people to interact with many things to share information and communicate with each other.

In this article I will talk about the features of the best WordPress forum extensions available. You can find a lot more from forum add-ons, but it’s best to use the best ones. Below is a list of the best WordPress forum extensions for you.


WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

bbPress WordPress Forum Plugin

WordPress is the easiest and simplest forum add-on. bbPress runs faster than other plugins and does not expand your server. After installing and activating the plugin, three menus are added to our admin panel. These are “Forums”, “Topics” and “Responses”. You can also make your WordPress forum settings via Settings> forums page in the menu tab.

Features of BBPress,

  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Reliable


WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

BuddyPress WordPress Forum Plugin

If you want to create a forum, BuddyPress is the most suitable solution to meet your requests with all the forum features. BuddyPress allows you to create a forum with the WordPress system. along with bbPress are the official forum extensions of WordPress at BuddyPress.

Features of BuddyPress,

  • Forum activity stream
  • Member profile
  • Private messaging
  • Create groups

DW Question & Answer / Question and Answer

WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

DW Question & Answer – WordPress Question – Answer Plugin

This add-on creates a complete question and answer site for you. It is a simple WordPress plugin with the features of the question-answer sites you see. This add-on provides you with the opportunity to follow up questions and answers and get notifications for them.

DW Question & Answer / Question & Answer Features,

  • Editing and filtering
  • Answer-Review
  • Question and answer voting
  • Notification by email
  • Captcha security code
  • Available short codes
  • Specific answers for questions

CM Answers

WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

CM Answers – WordPress Inquiry – Answer Plugin

The CM Answers plugin allows you to create a question-answer sheet for your WordPress site. This free plugin allows you to create a fast, stack overflow style site. Features include unlimited file upload, private messaging, notification, and subscription to categories.


WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

AnsPress – Question and answer – WordPress Question – Answer Plugin

AnsPress is a WordPress question-answer plug-in that lacks the missing feature. Effortlessly there are quora and stackoverflow style question and answer sections. Responsive is a question-answer plug-in that allows you to change these settings by yourself.

The features of AnsPress,

  • Notification
  • Notification by email
  • Submit an Ajax form
  • Choosing the best answer
  • Label recommendation


WordPress Top Forum and Q & A Add-ons

Muut – WordPress Discussion Forum Extension

You know how to comment on Facebook. The comment you sent goes before the page refreshes and when someone writes a comment, “.. comments “. That’s exactly what this add-on is doing. WordPress allows you to add a super discussion forum to your system. It is a secure discussion forum with multiple themes.

That’s all! I hope that helps and informs you. I can help you with add-ons, so it’s enough to post a comment.

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