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Working Out Listening to Music Reduces Pain

Working Out Listening to Music Reduces Pain



Music brain’s pain leads to cutting secretion, reduce the pain caused by this sport.

A study conducted in Canada, why do sports with music, explains that it is easier. Researching, sports the cause of easy listening music become more determined that the release of some pain-relieving chemicals.

Music reduces pain caused by sports

McGill University, David result of research conducted by the Levite and his colleagues in Canada, popular songs while listening to the brain, such as morphine acting opioids chemical secreted and is helping to reduce the pain caused by this sport gösterdi.bil my people, music studied chemicals secreted by those who listen to sports. Based on the opioid analgesic properties, with the help of a drug used in the drug treatment that prevents the chemical secreted. participants who enjoyed sports, accompanied by music again, this time less.

more commonly used in the treatment of pain Music

The results of the music more commonly used for relief of pain research could shed light on “New Scientist” 2 years of previous research in the journal yayımlandı.levit and his team, the music that had been put forward that strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.

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