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World’s Most Deadly Island: Snake Island

World’s Most Deadly Island: Snake Island



You want to get lost on a deserted tropical island to live an adventure. But there are some islands, you do not want to get lost there even in your nightmares. Brazil is also located near the “Ilha de Queimada Grande” also known as Snake Island is one of them. If the island’s name is already fit us in detail more scary! Continue reading for more.


Lancehead family of snakes of all deaths due to snake bites in Brazil, about 90% of the heat is responsible. Gold viper snake living in islands (golden lancehead) snake has 3-5 times more powerful than a snake venom from the mainland. Consider this poison can kill you how fast a human being.

The idea of ​​an island paradise draws a picture in everyone’s mind. Beautiful paved sunbathing in a paradise lost by tropical trees, we imagine that we enjoy nature. However, there are a few islands that indicates whether the view can be deceiving. I will invite you to a private island with a beautiful view, but apparently do not be fooled, because you may be approaching the candidate closer to death. Ilha de Queimada Grande also known as Snake Island, Brazil São Paulo, is located a few miles away from. As the name suggests, this small island snakes (nearly 2000-4000) is filled.

You might think this is not that unusual. But this island is not only due to poisonous snakes are also dangerous because of the intensity of poisonous snakes. Scientists say that the snake fell almost 1-3 per square meter, but people who think that here the snake fell 5 per square meter. This alone is pretty scary. Main is a pretty scary venomous snake species that live on this island golden viper (Bothrops Golden Lancehead-insula-) d. The island has been isolated since 1920, but there are some exceptions for scientists. Moreover, the Brazilian Navy is to visit the island once a year to check the lighthouse.

Island Stories:

It describes a terrible story about the island, but two of them are very famous and frightened many people. She went to the island to search for a fisherman bananas in one of these stories are mentioned. The fisherman was bitten by a snake, but has managed to reach the boat. As soon as the poison begins to act dead fishermen. Fisherman’s body found floating in the blood inside the boat.

Another story mentions one family living on the island. This is the family of lighthouse keepers wife and three children. One night some snakes have managed to infiltrate the house and attacked the family. They try to get rid of all those who died at home. It is said to be the last inhabitants of this island.

About island:

-Oil Is covered with forest, the Atlantic island surrounded by the sea, this seems pretty nice. It is quite small and is only 110 acres. It is located just a few miles away from Brazil. On the island there is an automated lighthouse maintenance done once a year, except for the island was completely abandoned snake out of it. Between the years 1909-1920 the stories of the people that are living on the island are also introduced.

-11 000 years ago on the island due to rising sea levels it is thought to cut the link with the mainland. Located on the island of golden viper “B.jarara by” it is said to be associated with a type called. He came to the island, where one of the ancestors of this species is thought to have developed in a different way from relatives on the mainland.

-Air Quite dangerous because no one accepted not allowed to go to the island without permission. When a person is allowed to go to the Navy to leave it 100 meters from the shore. You must pull the paddle boat on your own for the rest of the way. In addition, as another rule, it must be accompanied by a doctor who went to the island.

-He only option to enter a very slippery nest of sea birds, cliffs to climb a slope. There are no beaches on the island. The danger of climbing this rocky slopes you can feed the snake in the event of the slightest slip.

About Snakes:

Gold viper has distinct pale yellowish-brown in color and has a pointed head. These snakes are about 71-104 cm in length but have a very powerful and fast acting poison. It melts the flesh around the bite because it also provides convenience for snakes before swallowing half of prey is digested in this way.

There is a 3-7% risk of death in humans, despite the immediate medical assistance. The venom of the snake species is so strong that man can not live in another species. The venom of other snakes, which kill different types of animals and humans.

snakes living on this island in a desperate candidate, are fed by migratory birds. It is also known that they are cannibalistic these snakes can therefore be fed with each other. This powerful, prevents the escape of the birds fly bitten fast acting poison. So they can hunt birds. Currently many scientists are working on this and they think what they can do with this toxic poison.

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