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Wrinkles And Use Olive Oil Against Acne

Wrinkles And Use Olive Oil Against Acne



One of the important features of the olive oil is providing benefits to health in many ways also delay the aging of the skin.

One of the world’s longest-lived trees, and sometimes the age of 500 years or even more composed as Extracting from said olive found not known whether this one factor, but it tightens the skin scientifically that raise the humidity as a proven fact.

olive oil is one of the two skin-friendly cosmetic care specialists (oleic acid) omega-9 (the other Omega-3) as it is known. Most of the manufacturers of cosmetic products already today it is giving place to the content of the olive oil in almost all products.

Skin cleansing:
You can also use olive oil to cleanse your skin. If for one minute that massage the skin with circular motions with your fingertips and take up a teaspoon palm of your hand to clean your skin if genuine extra virgin olive oil in your hand.

olive oil preserves the beauty of women since the old ones are still the favorite of many models.

against acne:
– Mieke Smiles applied face oil for a month to show that olive oil is as effective as what a woman. From the first week to start using oil Smiles visible results in the area was liberated at the end of a month of all acne.

against Wrinkle:
– 60-year-old French model for many years against wrinkles Yazemeenah Rossi says to use olive oil.

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