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You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video



Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. But the government and parliament are located in the city, the country is governed from The Hague. Amsterdam 5 of the most visited cities in the world. It ranks. In the 12th century Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village on the Amstel River. it takes its name from the river on which it was founded,

Amsterdam, Amstel built on water means to me. The city has 1.5 million inhabitants, with the center and its surroundings. the old part of the city consists of intertwined channels and around 17 of these channels. There are old buildings dating from Yüyıl.

Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, the Netherlands is one of the most important port city. Also, Ljsselme the Amstel and canals at the junction of the North Sea, was founded on the islands. this city with more than 1,500 bridges are referred to as Venice of the North. In Brussels, London, Berlin and Paris also be reached directly by train from Hamburg. Shipolin International Airport is also in this city.

When to Go to Amsterdam?

Which can be visited in every period of the year it is more interested in the city in spring and summer. Due to the relatively cold weather during the winter months our full automated casting line dates; It is the period between April and October. On summer days, the air is usually hovered around 20-25 degrees in Amsterdam.

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

Where to stay in Amsterdam?

If you prefer to stay in the city center in Amsterdam, you can reach on foot many must-see place possible. In addition, hundreds of very high quality hotel in the center there are also options. for more economic options, you need to move away from the center. You can consider this option for the urban transport is quite comfortable and sophisticated.

Amsterdam hotel offers many alternatives. You can find through the appropriate hotel Booking.co from the following options. Moreover, many hotels with free cancellation options ..

Amsterdam Local Transportation

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

a lot of places you must see for Amsterdam to be able to be able to see a very large city within walking distance. But there is a highly developed urban transport system besides. If you have a problem in terms of time, and you can use one of these transport vehicles as you want to see more beautiful place.

Amsterdam Attractions

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

Amsterdam must position must nightlife, museums and historic buildings are the visitors to satisfy their ziyarerçi in all areas. At night, many waypoints can continue to be seen in the city, especially in terms of energy during the day as artistic available.

The Red Light District (Red Light District)

The most famous entertainment center of the city of Liberty is Red Lantern Street (Red Light District). Many brothel in the region, sex shop, a gay bar and private cinemas. sex workers who work here sitting in red neon lights from the window, and wait for customers to dance. Area are protected by the police in the morning and evening, especially in the area is forbidden to take pictures of sex workers. We encourage you to be careful about this. You can stop by walking through the streets of drug dealers, will be away at the time you said you were not interested. Every year thousands of tourists come to Amsterdam just for this even streets. We recommend that you should experience. At the heart of nightlife beats on this street.

Address: Zeedijk south, Damstrat the north and the east of the Damrak, De Wallen amsterdamulaş Region I: Metro: “Nieuwmarkt” Tram: Dam (4, 9, 16, 24)

Royal Palace

The majestic structure of the Dam Square, the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis) d. The palace is still used for official ceremonies by the Dutch royal family. Construction of the palace began in the middle of the 17th century. Most of the stuff in by Louis Napoleon.

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

Dam Square

Amsterdam will be the first steps into this famous square where you do not want to see horses. 17. Founded century ago, this square used as a fish market, but now the political and commercial center of the city. Dam Square is interested to see every period of the year and is always crowded. A funfair is installed in the summer, especially in the middle of the square and entertaining events are organized.
Important buildings in the square: Koninklijk Paleis (Royal Palace), National Monument, Madame Tussauds, De Bijenkorf, Kalverstraat, Damrak Street and Nieuwe Kerk.

Dutch Kitchen
You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

You taste the flavor of many different worlds in Amsterdam as possible. Region-specific dishes are quite small compared to other European cities. But still you need to have a special taste for tasting during your trip.

Amsterdam Nightlife

You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

A significant majority of tourist visits to the city of liberty made entertainment facilities are offered by the Amsterdam night life. sex in the city, drug and gambling is permitted, and especially the Red Light District (Red Light District) area is flooded with tourists. wild parties that lasted until dawn, DJs, House Music, Acid Jazz and carries techno music genres such as entertainment in venues throughout the night to the summit.

Shopping in Amsterdam

In the list of gifts that are unique to the city of Amsterdam can be taken from the most preferred; wooden shoes are tulip bulbs and porcelain products. Also famous beer or cheese can be quite happy with your loved ones.

Also out are getting more expensive, you can go to a shop or antique markets we advise you can also get the famous diamond jewelry shop called Coster Diamonds.

Amsterdam Events

  • Amsterdam Dance Competition-October: The world’s biggest clubbing festival
  • International Film Festival in November: the world is the most important documentary film festival.
  • Cannabis Cup in November
  • Amsterdam Run-Mart
  • Jam in the ‘Dam-Mart
  • Holland Festival June
  • Amsterdam Roots Festival June
  • International Theatre Schools Festival in June
  • Amsterdam Pride-July: Gay and lesbian go through a boat channel near 100 every year, music and decor are worth seeing.
  • Keti Koti festival July
  • Grachtenfestival August
  • Vondelpark Openluchttheater-early June to mid-August: Classical music begins and ends with festive dance party. Amsterdam is the oldest music festival.
You Need to Know About Amsterdam, Amsterdam video

Amsterdam Public Holidays

  • New Year-January 1
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Queen’s Birthday April 30
  • Independence Day-May 5
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas (25-26 December)
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