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You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video



Because almost every street of the wind field and also address the political turmoil “the city of wind called” Chicago is a city in North America.

The country’s third largest city about the origin of the name of the Chicago there are certain ones are. One of them is the name of a plant that grows in this region, “shikaakw to” the other came from a powerful meaning in the Indian language, “chicaga the” Next question inspired from.

Getting started with the city’s historic Indians purchased by European missionaries in 1795 have increased the commercial activities of times and gained political importance of the meeting held under the leadership of Abrahan Lincoln fans. Aftermath of the civil war and after the Second World War and the difficult time living in Chicago, after the war, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia, Mexico, and the South has become a habitat for black came and witnessed a huge population explosion.

During this period, 90 thousand homeless in Chicago as soon as he compiled himself and earned a planned appearance. So if a modern urban city view winning first race as a result of the war with separatist problems once late rehafl decreased greatly, has reached a leading position in the city center of the country.

Today, however, an example of modern architecture, skyscrapers, spectacular view we are accustomed to films, advanced transportation system, the relics and historical and touristic trip address with musicals even be required to live in a city Chicago.

a city worker who worked for many years enriched the giant factory conversion spend time in Chicago and has been a financial city. It has acquired a cosmopolitan city structure migration before the conversion. The impact of the cosmopolitan nature of the city’s food culture can be seen in particular. As in every major American city located in Chinatown in Chicago, where it is possible to taste the delicious Chinese food.


Where is Chicago?

Chicago is a city dependent on the US state of Ilinois. Lake Michigan is located in the southwest.

Chicago Currency

United States official currency is the US Dollar. The international currency code is USD.

Chicago Official Language

United States’ official language is English, but English is spoken by region shows the different accents.

What time to get to Chicago?

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video
The Four Seasons is pretty different US city of Chicago shows a humid continental climate. Because of the humid summers and warm winters are cold and snowy. The average summer temperature 24 degrees out this winter temperature of -4, as low as -5. temperatures in July can be close to 30 degrees. In the winter there are few sunny days and frequent snowfall. The most appropriate time to visit the city for months between April and October.

Where to stay in Chicago?

The third largest city in the US Congress in many years in Chicago, the event is organized as a concert and therefore you will have many alternative to staying in the city. when the regulation of such activities has remained higher than the price of the hotel. You can find a lot of hotels around O’Hare Airport hotel but far from the city center. You can reach the city center with a half-hour train ride CTA. Place as I have stayed in the city center if you prefer to stay in downtown Chicago and you’ll be at a point close to the main tour route of the city. Loop and Near North hotel options in the area are numerous.

budget, such as Embassy Suites hotels are also available, but in this place higher to keep the prices of accommodation establishments, but transport you are in will be the most help, but more appropriate charges to want to spend the night then you can search for a point on the CTA train lines you can easily reach the city center, but you need to be cautious because the city is spread over a wide area. Best Western, Holiday Inn, Flemish House of Chicago and the Essex Inn is one of the budget hotels that you can choose in the city.

It also offers low-budget hotels are also now offers free Wi-Fi service. Especially suitable for families with children Hotel Lincoln is located across from the Lincoln Park and were able to combine modern design with the atmosphere of the old building. Near North Side Located Sofitel Chicago Water Tower is a little expensive but it is appreciated by visitors with stylish design and nice restaurants.

South Side area is the best place to stay in terms of cheapness and beauty of proportion, but is experiencing a shortage of public transport here. If you stay here we will give local taxi transportation from the hotel Car hire can pay higher wages.

Chicago Local Transportation

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video
urban transportation in Chicago is very convenient and comfortable way to ride the possibility of trouble, especially for the region is provided Down Town. from the city and people of the region can use their own tools, such as transportation, taxis, metra of the CT system and buses are also on the preferences. Many tourists prefer renting a car is coming because of the difficulty of finding a parking space and the cost of parking in the city.

Chicago Attractions

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video
Even the streets There are many places for sightseeing in the city of Chicago and the layout is reminiscent of a modern art gallery. Some of the things to point is located in the suburbs of the region although some are close together.

Willis Tower

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video

Willis Tower is located at the top of places to visit in the city, formerly known as the Sears Tower is one of the world’s tallest skyscraper. 110 in the 440-meter high-rise located in various offices in the skyscrapers, but in terms of tourism, an important part of the Sky Deck floor skyscraper that is part of the terrace has 360-degree views of Chicago skyscrapers. Chicago to feel under your feet and on cloudless days surrounding also possible to see four states.

If you want to enjoy bird’s eye view looking at this terrace, you must reserve in advance your ticket. Otherwise, you can opt to see as well. Especially in summer weekends at noon it consists of a very long queue. in this city of skyscrapers can watch birds-eye in glass cabinets there is also a cafe and gift shop.

until 1996 the world’s tallest tower in the Willis Tower in 1970, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill designed by. Today is the second highest of the North American continent, and the world’s top 14. It is building. names such as Alain Robert also able to climb up to the tower.

the top of the tower is made of two large aircraft antenna to be able to recognize the building. These antennas are lit in red or green according to special occasions. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, the day in red and events such as the bay Against Cancer, Earth Day, St. On days like St. Patrick’s Day it is lit in green.

Skydeck admission fee for adults Dollar 17:50, children GPI of 11 dollars. It can be effective also from the floor in 70 seconds Skydeck on the elevator at a time.

Navy Pear

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video

Navy Peer, located along the coast of Lake Michigan on the shores of a peaceful place with entertainment areas. In the past the world’s regions with the largest pier today, the fast food shops, ballroom, concert stage, tourists and convention and exhibition hall where a major sightseeing spots in the city as well as two-tower building in the children’s museum, the world’s first Ferris wheel 45 meters in height Ferris, Aeroballoo the balloon is looking for 18 people, IMAX Theater, 525 people located in Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.

Polks Bros hot fountains in the summer, cool off in the park is the place overwhelmed by their children. You can cool off in the fountain of these kids like you If you’re overwhelmed by the heat. Chicagoans love their time spent in an area under the Navy port Peer sustainability project began to replant. will make an afternoon walk here, you may eat in a nice restaurant, accompanied by a beautiful sunset view of the lake and you will participate in the event and after a meal, you will live a nice experience.

This is because the port is also through boat tours in the area, you can go to a beautiful river. Some boats in a romantic dinner meal possible.

  • Boat tour fees: Adults: $ 26 / children under 12 years: $ 7/12 – 17 years old children: 14 USD
  • Stained Glass Museum: The entrance is open between 10.00 and 20.00 is a museum where you can enter the free museum inside with food and drink.  The museum was opened to visitors in 2000. illuminated by artificial light with 185 individual works in this museum to Michael Jordan’s stained glass work is exhibited.

Downtown (Chicago)

Other names in The Downtown Loop, which is considered the center of the city. Nine other symbol of the city and consists of eight horizontal street is a business center where many of the skyscrapers. The skyscrapers of the city’s finance and economy in this area is being carried out, which is a street of Randolph Street is the street where Chicago’s world-famous theater. The Paradise on the street, you can see the famous theaters such as The Oriental. After New York in Midtown Manhattan is the most important business center in the United States.

“Loop”, ie the public, opened in 1882 as the name of the above-mentioned regions and wandering through the rings in this region is thought to come from the old tram. Lake Michigan, the Chicago River spilled passes the middle of downtown. emerging business centers along the river are the modern buildings that are not starting in the early 1900s. night view of the river also caused one of the pioneers of modern architecture of this building is beautiful day separately. Also examined are organized tours of the buildings along the river by boat.

Located in downtown Grant Park and the beach is a large park with both green areas. free concerts are held in the park during the summer. Each year, about 3 million people attended the Taste of Chicago food festival and alternative rock, punk rock, the Lollapalooza music includes musical genres like heavy metal festival is also held in Grant Park.

Yet the city’s most important places of worship in the Chicago area Cathedral, 1967 made a 15-meter statue of Picasso, Four Seasons Mosaic, glass and steel combination of simple but spectacular design located in the Federal Center and Willis Tower. Civic Opera House, Chicag Theatre, Fine Arts Building, art centers, such as Chicago Art Institute is also located here.

Chicago Cuisine

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video
Chicago importance of taste in the American kitchen is very large. City, not in it accommodates many countries as part of its kitchen. Of Chicago fast food culture and the world’s best restaurant is the homeland.

Chicago Nightlife

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video

One thing that came to mind is the Chicago nightlife. City, the United States is known as the second city after San Francisco that have the most leisure center. You can find different bars and nightclubs on every street in Chicago.

In addition, Wicker Park, Logan Square, Bucktown, North Center, Roscoe Village of the most beautiful places in the city’s entertainment district embodies their place. Please pay attention to the point that the introduction of an identity check is that you have done for your passport with you. Another issue is that the ban on smoking in such places.

The Map Room, Hopleaf and bars such as the Local Opito has many local and international beers. In addition, Double Door is organized concerts of all kinds of music in the city, Empty Bottle, Rivier, Abbey Pub, bars and concert halls such as the Aragon Ballroom.

If you want a quiet night in the city a lot of jazz and blues music style has’m doing. Louis Armstrong, Joe King Oliver, Johnny Dodds legendary names such period have been found in Chicago. For this reason, Chicago has a strong history of jazz and blues. Green Mill in Uptown and jazz bars are very popular places in Bronzeville.

comedy culture in Chicago is also very developed in the city and among other things of various stand-up comedy club that organized the show. If you’d like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Theatre, or you can book a seat for the show exhibited the Chicago Cultural Center.

Popular Locations

  • B.L.U.E.S.
  • Jazz Showcase

Shopping in Chicago

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video

Shopping heaven is a city where you can find everything you want Chicago. Here the shopping center, boutiques, small shops, antique stores, you can shop from a lot of places like bookstores. Especially in the Near North District and the city’s most popular known as the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Avenue shopping street in the world, you can spend time in the stores of famous brands. 900 N Michigan Avenue on large multi-storey and there are shopping centers such as Water Tower Place.

Another important place for shopping in the city is State Street. State Street on household clothing, electronics, jewelry and jewelry shops you can find. Also located on the world’s largest store with Mancini’s in this street. The sale of Oak Street is a place where local and international goods boutique. Mertz can take over 135 years of nostalgic souvenirs pharmacy called Apothecary, colognes, soaps and candles can choose. Wicker Park and Bucktown are centers for the hipster in the area known as the city with cafes and shops. There is also music shops for dealing with here.

One of Chicago’s most popular products are also known as chocolate mint Frango Mints. Macy’s stores chocolate made to an old recipe of Marshall Field’s brand is a separate delicious. After Manhattan in America where you can find the most work of art is located in Chicago’s River North. Here you can get a variety of pictures or home decoration products in many galleries and shops.

Chicago Events

You Need to Know About Chicago, Chicago video
  • Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (January)
  • Chicago Restaurant Week (February)
  • Chicago Theater Week (February)
  • Crossroads Guitar Festival (June)
  • Chicago Pride Fest (June)
  • Blue Fest and Gospel Fest (June)
  • Taste of Chicago (July)
  • Festivals Chicago (July)
  • Summerdan of Chicago (July-August)
  • alefest (July)
  • Lollapalooza (August)
  • Chicago Jazz Festival (September)
  • EXPO Art Week (September)
  • EXPO Chicago (September)
  • Chicago Marathon (October)

Chicago Public Holidays

  • New Year (January 1)
  • Martin Luther King Memorial Day (18 January)
  • President’s Day (February 15)
  • Good Friday (March 25)
  • Memorial Day (May 30)
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