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Your skin will sparkle Floor Suggestions

Your skin will sparkle Floor Suggestions



Healthy and things to pay attention to the way your skin type to have a beautiful skin to protect your skin from proper nutrition and health care in accordance geçiyor.iş …

Eat less sugar

Consuming sweet blood sugar and insulin levels is one of the up move is the basic aging hormone insulin. According to a study of people with high blood sugar, which is low compared to seem older. Stay away from sugar and sweetener.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Two-thirds of the food on your plate should consist of vegetables. vegetables taken at a high rate is associated with the body of a higher quality and less wrinkled skin. Investor good food and of course do not forget the antioxidants. Forget the myths about low-fat circulating in the market. Research has proven that ensures that gives elasticity to the skin of oil consumption and less wrinkled appearance. Olive, avocado and macadamia oil Include your diet routine.

protein requirement

Protein is one of the basic ingredients needed to maintain all the body’s resistance, but are not be stored. These reasons must meet the daily protein needs. Meat, fish and eggs are the main sources.

Rosemary, garlic, cinnamon 

Reduce or too much fruit juices contain natural sugar or remove it from your life, literally. Instead of green or white tea consuming antioxidants can make the entrance to your body. You will see the difference in your skin in a short time. Herbs and spices (rosemary, such as garlic and cinnamon) skin and highly bioactive ingredients with positive implications for the health of the body contains.

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